Massive issue ruining seige servers and driving away players

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Please for the love of **** make capping G not end the game so fast. I have just had to leave a game where we've had 5 maps in 20 minutes because people just run to G and it's so stupidly fast countdown before the bells ring and the game is over it is RUINING the experience.

Why make it so impossibly fast it just makes players hate the game?

Please fix this as I just saw all the players leave over the space of an hour because of this terribly frustrating and silly game feature.

ps. It also doesn't help with some terrible map design leaving 95% of a team spawned outside the castle gates while one enemy takes the G flag

Please add a multiplier that gives an extra 30 seconds for every uncapped flag or something, right now it's ruining the experience.
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I think the issue here is that on some maps defenders spawn outside some gates that can only be opened from the inside, therfore are locked out of paths to get to the G flag.
Also general lack of awareness of new players.

I beg for a simple feature to let defenders choose where they spawn so they can shift to G if needed.
This is some deja vu stuff.
I suggest paying more attention, it shows the cap points on the top, and you can see right away when G gets taken. Only little bit of sympathy I have is for that one map where defenders almost all spawn outside, but it's defenders team own fault for their horses opening the gate when there is a path out for them without doing such. Best bet to go cav first life (which ensures you'll spawn inside on that map) and either let in some defenders at the main gate, or make sure cav side gate gets closed.
The whole point of siege is that is objective based. If the team's not paying attention, it's like entering skirmish and complaining the other team fights better. If you're just looking to kill things there is a TDM mode. Some middle ground here might be making a morale multiplier so the more points the defenders own the longer it takes for morale to drop for losing G. Still lets ninja caps be a thing, but gives a bit of leeway. An additional audio cue might also be helpful but not balance breaking. But really, if people aren't paying attention that's on them.
This is legit. But it's also defenders fault attacker can get in, stupid attacker cav rush out and leave the door open (most of them don't even realize they can get out of that castle without opening any doors. dumbasses) for attacker to just waltz in. If you spawn as a cav on defender you will spawn inside the castle; it's not ideal but you can either let your defenders in or protect G yourself, or close gate after you cav leave. Until someone fixes the map them's your best odds.
The biggest issue is the spawns in combination with how slow everybody moves. People just can't get to G fast enough, and half the team does not even notice it's been taken.

I think backcapping points is fine, there are secret tunnels and such for a reason. It's just too easy to win by taking G. Perhaps make it so that G can only be captured when A+B have been captured, since sneaky G wins almost always occur at the start of the game when defenders are on the frontlines outside of the castle.

This round didn't even get to five minutes....

Taleworlds please fix this problem with G's ridiculous timer ruining bannerlord multiplayer


This round didn't even get to five minutes....

Taleworlds please fix this problem with G's ridiculous timer ruining bannerlord multiplayer

I see you found me in your game lol. I agree that they should take a look at the cap time on G or what Caps said about a variable timer. I think their suggestion would be great.
Capping G should drain morale slowly with a multiplier for how many other flags have been captured. Cap G with all other flags taken? It drains morale like it does currently. Cap G with no other flags taken? It take 5 minutes to win.

Every time this happens the servers loses players.

Do the Devs even read this?

Why leave in such an infuriating bug?

Please double the capping of G countdown, or put a multiplier for how many other flags are capped. It is one tiny thing ruining the game for everyone right now.

Please at least tell us you're listening?

server empty now

I've never seen a game die of neglect like this before, I've emailed support, posted in the forums, I don't know what else to do :sad: So sad to see something I love destroyed by one bad design flaw that nobody seems to care about :sad:
Imagine spending years making something then just completely ignoring feedback from the people who love your game to the point you let the game die.

It's like Taleworlds hates it's players. Dev prove me wrong but it's already been weeks. So friggin sad. Why Taleworlds? Why ruin your own future?


lunchtime sunday and the seige server is empty

Unbelievably these last months they just left this terrible game design flaw destroy their own playerbase

So sad :sad:
yeah i know been queued for siege for the last 3 hours primetime central standard timezone not enough players to even get a game started... sad what they have done here.. still hoping for the best though
wow and now the oce seige server is gone

Crazy **** to see a dev team just leave in the worst possible design flaw for months and let it frustrate the players so much they have to eventually close down the server because everybody leaves instead of fixing the terrible flaw.

Unbelievable. All they had to do was not leave in G being so quickly to end the game, such a horrible idea should never have been put in.
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