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I chose a woman from different faction to marry, because I wanted a challenge, but this situation is so complicated it's not funny anymore.

Sayyid-invisus Lakhem allowed me to marry his sister Maulana Safiya and I got a quest. However castle where Lakhem was going to host a feast has been captured by Khergits. Since then nobody knows where Safiya is and Lakhem is waiting forever to host a feast.

As far as I know this bug may totally break any possible marriages, so I can't just abandon this quest and court someone else. I have some saves, but months before that, so I'd rather fix this situation. Is there any way, like joining Sarraninds, capturing Asugan Castle, hoping Safiya will reappear and Lakhem will host a feast?

Diplomacy could really use some fixes in this matter. It should be possible to cancel marriage proposal and then go for it again. It's not very realistic, but would solve this bug. Maybe this quest should be auto-cancelled when chosen town/castle is captured.


Yeah it happens. Sadly I don't think there's really a fix for this. Feast behavior is strange like that. For example, if you conquer a castle/town they were having a feast in, the lords of the defeated faction that were on their way to the feast will go to the castle but just stand around outside it (because they're not allowed inside without besieging it, which they won't do because they're in feast mode).

It's best to save into a new slot every few in-game days or a week just in case. So if you have to roll back, it's not too far. I generally save before or after something good happens. Like after I propose to a lady, I'll keep that save in one slot that I won't touch until after the wedding. Just in case. I've had a similar situation happen, where her father defected to a different faction and somehow my fiancé couldn't be found anywhere. Waited months and she still didn't show up. I finally decided she was bugged out and will never be back. :sad: Manly tears.
Damn, this game really amuses me sometimes. A moment after I posted this thread Lakhem joined Khergits and marriage quest has been canceled. I had to pay again for marriage, but at last it's fixed. :grin:



I was going to say wait it out. I once had to wait a 2 whole month after proposal (maybe longer) because the faction was at war. Even when the feast was called dad didn't attend becasue he was in combat or on campaign or something. On the flip side i launched the quest during a feast in peace time and with in 2 days the original feast ended and my marraige feast began... weird since there's suppose to be a cool down.

Your marraige being cancelled because of faction change is definitely weird though. And probably be noted as a bug/glitch to be adjusted. At the very least given warning to other players


You should be able to approach the guardian at any feast, talk to them and initiate the marriage. Have you tried this?
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