Need More Info Marriage barter with members of my clan crashing, unable to ask for hand again when it was used in previous version,where it was not fully implemented

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First I wanted to try, if marriage working. Ok, it is implemented now, I spoke with clan leader > ask for a hand > chosig member > he answer > barter > accept + crash
I have report fortunately.

Also bartering was a little strange - it chosed equipment instead money with autoselection, it had to be chosed manualy (auto only to balance, not to type of payment). But this is nothing crucial.

Second, I wanted to marry another members of my clan, butthey was not in choise. I tried it in previous version (barter and resolve was not implemented yet). but because it was done, it could not to be choosed again (yes this clans have member to marry, I tried it in previous versions with almost all sturgian clans, so now I am finished here).

I guess, that actions, which was done in previous version, can have negative impact for this.
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