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Mark the armor and weapons that can be donated for XP

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Prior to 1.6.3, we could donate all our armor and weapons to give XP to our troops. Personally, I prefer to go back to that. I don't understand the logic behind why TW suddenly decided to only allow us to donate specific types of weapons and armor. But OK. If that's the route you are going to go TW, please some how filter out the non-donate-able weapons and armor. When I go to the trade screen to purchase weapons and armor, there is nothing that tells me which weapons and armor can be donated. I have to buy them first and then go to my inventory screen to see if they will give my troops XP. Why can't you just make it say whether or not it can give XP in the trade window when we go to purchase it. In fact, anywhere in the game I can look at my weapons and armor, it should indicate if it can be given away to my troops for XP.

Secondly, after I have acquired a bunch of weapons and armor, please enable a filter that allows me to quickly select all my donateable items so I can quickly give them to my troops. Right now I have to read through each of my items in detail to see if they can be donated, and then select them one at a time instead of just being able to use the double arrows to discard them in bulk for XP. I love this game folks. You've done a great job on it, but you've ruined this aspect of the game with 1.6.3. I really just don't get why we continue to go against the whole "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" philosophy. Did somebody actually reach out and say you made donating equipment for XP too easy or something?

The easy fix here is to just restore this feature back to the way it was in 1.6.2. I prefer to just be able to donate any and all my equipment. Now, somebody is going to jump in here and say why would you be able to get XP our of a pair of leather shoes. I don't know, because it's a video game and you can. The way I interpret it is you're giving stuff to your people and they sell it to the camp followers which allows them to buy better equipment. So there you go. When you all introduced the donate equipment feature to the game, I felt it was very positively received. So why in the world did you go and mess it up? Come on TW. Please fix this.
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