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Mark bandit units

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I think bandit units should get some sort of visual marker or icon in the party screen (f.e. a small red dagger in the right top corner of their image) so it would be easier to identify them at just one glance. I find my self searching through my prisoners for some time, just to check if I have enough bandits for the laborer in the mines quest, would be way easier if they were marked. Also as more mods are incoming with custom troop trees, it would help in these situations, to know if these units are considered bandits by the game.


Sergeant at Arms
Maybe also have different icons for each bandits? Such as bow for Forrest bandit, axe for Sea raiders, bow and horse for steppe bandits, sword and horse for desert bandits, jav for mountain bandits, rocks for looters?


All unit-trees could have symbol, to easely distinguish fasction, noble, bandits, traders etc :smile:
Is there a way to even go a step ahead? Sometimes, you spend most of the time sorting on those units, especially in the end game when you distribute the army through your fiefs, donate troops, etc.

Dear @MRay could there be any chance a sorter be placed there to distinguish and sort troops? per:
- experience (highest to lowest and/or opposite)
- formation (Infantry, cavalry, archers, etc.)
- health
- status (nobles, special units, regular army, merchants, bandits, @Tryvenyal - to your point mate)


@Nodice83 Not in the near future.
For sorting, I'm aware the lack of sorting is felt while playing the game but until we improve the "selecting which troops will spawn in the battle size limit" process, we're probably not going to implement sorting in the party screen. Because the order of troops that are selected in the party screen determines the spawn order in the battle. That means if the player sorted ascending(low to high) by tier in the party screen, their lowest tier troops will spawn first and they will probably lose all those troops. I hope I explained what I mean with this.


I actually DO often want to sort lowest tier first for spawning. In peace I go hunting bandits to give my guys experience and if my upper tier fellers are along they steal the kills.

I go so far with the current system as to assign everyone Level 1, 6, 11, & 16 to tactical group VI. Then I can order them to meet the incoming bandits. I halt fire from the others. Then, after the newbies get their swings in, I mop up with cavalry.

But then when war begins, I have to re-assign everyone back to their correct formation.
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