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Good day to you all.

Recently I had an idea, hardly original, for a map that could potentially be quite good.
The general idea of the map is that of the 2nd Punic War, the two defining cultures being Roman & Carthaginian. With other cities around to represent other cultures, and ones like Carthago Nova being a merge of two cultures (Carthage & Hispanic).


The focus is that of economy, Rome is a rich fertile land and a farmer can make a lot of money working it's fields...but it will find itself lacking in other resources such as iron, as such armour and weapons are not cheap, it will be up to the inhabitants of Rome to take what they need by fire & sword. In Southern Sicilia can be found a fine fishing village from which the Romans can launch it's navy.
Massilia is located in a favourable position, controlling the northern trade route past the Alps, it is not too far from either fertile Rome or iron wealthy Hispania, in this fine city the Greek councils preside yet this is not without Roman and Gallic influence.
On the continent of Spain is where you will find wealth, iron mines aplenty yet the barbarians do not appreciate its worth and a true businessman would take it to be sold in Roma or Carthage. It is also one of constant war as the Carthaginian's do their best to expand from Carthago Nova into the mainland where the brave Averaci resist them. The Averaci are similarly allied to the Celtici who hold sovereignty of the mining settlement of Ebora.
Finally we have the North African city of Carthage, a strong navy, a large amount of african mercenaries at hand and access to such fine beasts as Elephants! Yet though they have the potential to conquer the Mediterranean, if they do not attempt such their economy could suffer.

I would cut out the Balearic Isles and Alalia. But essentially, we have 5 cities and 3 capturable villages. What do you all think of the idea? Obviously it lacks refinement but as I said, it is a concept.
I like this idea. It could be great, only thing i'm thinking about is the scale? Will the mount and blade map size fit all this and keep so that the cities aren't really close together? I'm happy about Massalia getting some recognition though!
I think it is a great idea because it combines historical aspects with the gameplay elements. Even if you think it may not be original, it is still an interesting concept.

Do you have an idea about how many factions would exist on the map?
5 primary factions,3 favourable villages.

A forde would exist connecting Spain and Africa.

Settlement Outline.

Exclusively Roman Culture. Expensive armours and weaponry, cheap food and similar materials. Expensive Iron.

Greco-Gallic Culture. Medium priced armours and weaponry and dominates a trade route, not overly close to any of the resource rich areas but nicely in between.

Hispanic/Gallic Culture. Rare heavy armour, very cheap low tier armours. Iron stockpiles are cheap but it is not a fertile land, as such you might need to venture East towards Rome for food and Linen.

Carthago Nova.
Afro-Gallic Culture. Strong naval arsenal, crumbling walls from numerous Barbarii assaults. Food is cheap, iron is reasonably inexpensive.

African (Carthage) Culture. Very strong naval arsenal. Small iron supply, relatively little amount of food resources. Good armoury.

So thats the basics of each primary city. Every faction will have access to key resources (albeit iron) but some will not be able to fill their stockpiles from their local supplies.
ElVibrante said:
I like this idea. It could be great, only thing i'm thinking about is the scale? Will the mount and blade map size fit all this and keep so that the cities aren't really close together? I'm happy about Massalia getting some recognition though!

I have a scene which is large & stable enough to carry out this idea, if anyone is interested :smile:
Remember that Sardinia, Etruria and Northen Italy have mines.Also Elba have mines.. So romans have no problems taking iron as Greeks don't have. It's clear Iberians have more mines , but if we say Roman poor of minerals, how they fought punics wars?There were man heavy infantry in romans armies also during punic wars. We have just to think that after hastati -they wear light armor- there were principes and triarii who weare heavy armor, so armors can't be so expensive while at war.

Carthage have a mercenary army that should be expensive still.
Mercenaries are soldier payed by Carthage to fight, so they should be expensive. The problem is , how bring this on game?

You can higher the price of their warrior classes or you can higher  the weapons/armor prices. Other chance is to make the faction leader pay money for each soldier that get into the faction, or make pay every men present in the faction.
I made a map of this area and time for Peristent Empires, which was called The Punic Wars.
If you like I can give you the map and you can use the terrain as a template.
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