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2.16 MoR [Test]


- Stabbing Animation [fixed]
- By overwhelming amount of request, the overhead stabbing animation is removed to balance the spears.
- Short Spears have -3 less piercing damage and 20 cutting damage.
- Short Hasta has received +28 length to make up for the romans' lack of good hitting spears compared to Britons
- Hasta has received +20 length for reasons above.
- Hasta's thrusting damage is reduced from 39p to 33 to make the spears less overpowered in most combat situations where it could one hit a warrior in full armor.
- new sword models for Romans
- All swords are more detailed.
- Briton Axes are more detailed.
- Celtic Short Sword's Damage was increased from 26 to 32, while also being put to be slower, now in the speed rating of 95
- Barbarian Swords have received simple buffs to speed depending on their damage, giving the playerbase more options on their play-style.
- Axes do more damage to compensate for their lack of length.
- Javelin momentum is enhanced, now heavier the javelin, the slower it will travel midair.
- Celtic Short Spear has +10 more length, the piercing damage reduced from 33p to 29 while the swinging damage was increased 25 cutting to make up for the model's shape of the spear being broader, this way the barbarians have better spears but not in a way that it is unbalanced.
- Roman Helmets are now more detailed.
- Celtic Helmets are now more detailed and now shine.
- Horse Archers are debuffed by popular requests, them shooting more accurately and doing a lot of damage while riding a fast horse and also being capable of fighting on horseback is changed.
- New Cataphracts for Sarmatian Noble Class, capable of surviving many arrows and even a heavy pilum, if the pilum does not strike the head. They do more damage but are the slowest horses in the mod.
- Dacians Falxes are redone, now they're used as two handers and not polearms. They have received a nerf of -10 when it comes to cutting damage to make up for the fact by popular request of them being overpowered.
- Hand Falx is slower and weaker, but is still usable for quick players who would like to do some damage up fron.
- Sica is more useful, now doing 30 cutting damage.
- Gladius stats are redone, so every gladius has a purpose for the player's own choice, such as Pompeii Gladius, this gladius does a good amount of damage once thrusted but lacks in the cutting department thanks to its thin blade but a fine point. Mainz is a broader gladius, and such does more cutting damage, Etcetera.
- Banners can now be used to melee, although they're still way too slower and inferior to real weapons. This was added to give Bannermen more chance to survive against cavalry, so they may unsheath their normal weapons in time.
- Bows are nerfed by popular request, now more accurate but will do way less damage, making them more of a harasser unit.
- Dacian Throwing Spears are nerfed, doing less damage and have fewer numbers in one bundle.
- Mail armours have received +4 body armor buff.
- Segmentata is the strongest armor in the mod, yet also the heaviest.
- Dacian Scale Armours were lowered to make up for their superior cavalry, armored archers and powerful falxmen.
- Centurion Hamata's body armor was reduced, for it is just a hamata. The Armors are still strongest mail available!
- Caligae with Foot Straps have received a small buff.
- Copper Greaves have received a major buff, +10 to leg armor was added, for the greaves were VERY weak for the money, and the models showed them covering the legs of the players, yet by a lot of testing, it also showed them to be a bit useless nonetheless.
- Same thing with the Copper Greaves, the Iron Greaves have the same changes, now doing 30 to Leg Armor.
- Tunics and Roman Armours with Wolf Pelts have received +10 head armor.
- Tunics and Roman Armours with Bear Pelts have received +15 head armor.
- All helmets have received a buff, depending on the helmets' money and the shape of the model, Roman helmets have received +10 to head armor, while the officer helmets with plumes only +5. Celtic Helmets have received buffs according to their shape, Waterloo helmets being the toughest helmet so far. Dacians have the same kind of buffs on their helmets.
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