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So I made some large trees to fit my overall large icon theme for the campaign map but for whatever reason the game doesn't recognise the material.
Here's a screenshot:
I replaced "desert_tree_a" by just changing the mesh and keeping it under the same name as a replacement. I've added the brf file it is in to be loaded as a module resource in the ini file, added the correct shaders and flags but for no reason does it load the custom material. It instead loads the original "" instead of the defined "".

Any ideas how to fix this?
I'm pretty certain map trees are forced to use the material "trees" so you either have to re-make all the map trees and replace the texture with your own or use the existing texture, that icon for the knight looks really good too.
Thanks, I indeed had to modify the original trees texture to get it working. A shame, it will now be quite a limitation.

Lav said:
Is the circle part of the icon, or did you attach it with party_set_extra_icon?
It's an animated flag actually.
Hi Courtesan. I did exactly what you're doing.

Make a copy of the trees materials and call it trees_old. Do the same for the texture, and reference in the trees_old material. Then go through xtree_meshes.brf, tree_meshes.brf, all the brf's containing trees. Go through them and for all which use the trees material, change it to trees_old.
You will also need to go into particles_2.brf and change the meeting plains.
This should do the trick. Now just simply make your tree models UV mapped again so you can fit all the textures you wanna use on one UV map.

Sorry for spelling, grammar and lack of info. I'm on mobile and in a rush to get out right now. If you need me to elaborate let me know and I'll post this afternoon. Best of luck!
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