[MAP] Western Europe [100% Completed/Tested]

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Hello everyone, here's another map which is based on actual geographies, the map -although offering individual RP opportunities too, mainly in Rome and other smaller settlements- offers a quality experience of faction gameplay, diplomacy and warfare.


This time it's Southwestern Europe, including:

  • Spain - Catalonian part really, with Valencia as the capital.
  • France - Obviously couldn't include all the way to Paris, so you will have to do with Toulouse.
  • Northern Italy - Milano
  • Rome - Vatican/Papacy
  • Rome - City
  • Austria/Switzerland - Could be roleplayed as either as the player wishes, can be somewhere in Eastern Switzerland or Innsbruck, Austria.
  • Tunisia - Tunis, barbary pirates rarararar
  • Many other smaller settlements and villages, tunnels, and secret locations.
  • Strategically located rescources, offering a balanced gameplay and promoting trade routes rather than endless grinding patterns stuck in the same place.

Some in-game screenshots:

The map is a gift to the community and it is free for anyone to use as they please, yet It would be appreciated if you give credit to SGaming Mapper Team. The map is 'field-tested', which means it was succesfully used on a PW server (version 4.5.1) with 150+ population.

Download: http://s7.dosya.tc/server5/zd4938/bat.rar.html

If you have any further questions or issues about the map, feel free to message me or add me on steam. (Steam: Anani [SGaming])
Good concept Anani(haven't talked in a while!), I'd like to offer some thoughts on this. There's a long way to go with the terrain look and configuration. The poor terrain texturing is visible especially on the mountains, you can look into some of Bowman's scenes to see how mountains can be textured and painted to look both realistic and eye pleasing. Also the terrain roughness is something to take into mind.

That's what really caught my eye the most here, other than that I'm a big fan of the geographic location representations in Warband, regardless of scale. Cheers for sharing!
I must admit though- tunisia is not where it is supposed to be, same with the existance of a bridge between andalucia and algiers. They are edited for gameplay purposes. I don’t think it stands out too much though.

Thank you for nice comments!
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