[MAP] Nordic (WIP)

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The name of this map will probably change when it is complete. The idea is it is a small island off of the coast of the Nordlands. Only nordic factions are found here. The towns and village designs are heavily inspired by Viking Conquest DLC.



The Defender said:
it looks nice and very playable witouth being heavy.how many cityes (villages) exists?

There are 5 main factions, and one iron mine faction designed to be fought over.


Yeah I restarted from scratch on this concept.



Its looking nice especially cause of you appley.

You see guys, he is helping me with the terrain now. Appley is an expert on cliff creation.


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Dank map, maybe you wanna de-straighten some of those walls tho?  Can look a l'il...

Stiff  :fruity:
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