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Download Here(UPDATED)

Well this scene is no fictional like others, since the map is(as one can understand from the title) the exact same as the real worlds' middle east. At least I made it look correct as much as I could. I think it's fine.

Here are some screenshots:

*An overall:sad:Outdated, extremely outdated)

*Some Alexandria(UPDATED):
*Some Jerusalem(GREATLY UPDATED):
*Some Damascus:
*Moar Damascus:
*Some Trebizond:
*Moar Trebizond:
*Some İconium:
*Some Thessaloniki:
*And at last, some Constantinople:
*Moar İstanbul:

***Also the most important part of the map, there is free wifi in Constantinople:
*We now have a snowy castle in the causcaus area. Every map needs a snowey castelz.

My lifetime wish and the very reason I still haven't committed suicide is that I am waiting for İconium, Constantinople, Alexandria, Thessaloniki, Trebizond and Damascus to be added in the next version of the mod.

***Map is free for use for anyone


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I like it! It's like a mini Middle East. I think you should add low hills to the right-most desert though, to stop it from looking very plain
zoo889 said:
I like it! It's like a mini Middle East. I think you should add low hills to the right-most desert though, to stop it from looking very plain

Thanks C:

I will also be adding some ruins etc for secret places, my general aim in this map is to give players lots of roleplay possibilities rather than making wars the only fun thing, well I hope I can make that happen.
Map is free for anyone to use:

I updated it a bit, Jerusalem is the major city/spawn now.


Terrain file I uploaded might be a bit outdated, just tell me if something is wrong with terrain elevations in Jerusalem.

I will make updates for Jerusalem in time since it's not ''perfect'' in my opinion at the moment. But you can make changes if you know what you're doing anyways.
Map was updated but I forgot to update this thread, here are some pics:

Jerusalem(Main City/Spawn):
Its biggur

Added details overall:
Notice that cute snowy castle to the right? Thats' İmereti (Georgia)

This is the update *after* it was tested by 60-65 people a day for 1-2 months on TR_SGaming_PW, so this version is I believe 90% bug/glitch free and rolls as intended.

Still free for anyone who wants to use it, just pm me for the download link



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Looks neat!  I had thought to do something similar, but couldn't fathom how to do Constantinople just right.  This seems like it'll make for some great RP, although now I thrust for a Turkey map.
Map is updated, snowey castulz is added and Jerusalem(Main Spawn/City) is greaattlyyy expanded and made to look like a proper city.

See the screenshots, some are updated.

I cri for not having my castle names added for the patch. I am now depressed and I haven't eaten in days. My family is starting to worry about me.

BY THE WAY check the OP for info about using this map.

I also see dis CN_X_PW using mein map. I'm flattenedz. :*


The design has too much castles and is very blah, try adding more vegetation and landscape. Also the less castles the better
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