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Map icons

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I tried to find a list of the map icons, but could not find one.
Can anyone describe what these icons mean?
I put numbers in order to make it easier to understand, so if you could put the number of the icon you know and put a description next to it:
0: available quest (I kinda figured out that one on my own)...etc


for #6, I wasn't sure whether it is what the settlement produces or what it needs!

Thank you,
1) City have vision on you
2) Caravan party inside
3) Shown kingdom's war party inside
4) Tournament available
5) Villager party inside
6) Village product
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1. The settlement is in scouting range (You can see if they have quests from that distance, troops inside, ect)
2. A trade happened
3. Parties inside?
4. There is a tournament in that town
5. Recruiting militia?
6. The resource produced in that village


Great, that's very helpful.
In fact, the only ones I figured out were Quests and Goods produced.
I really appreciate you guys taking the time to clarify what may have been obvious to most!

Thank you,
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