Many suggestions to improve the quality of life of the game

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my suggestions are more than anything to give "life" to the management of clans, parties, player etc. things that make the game unique for each player and that are the ones that end up falling in love

1.-Freely change the banners of the clans of your kingdom
2.-Change the background color of the banner of your kingdom
3.-Freely change the equipment of all the lords of your kingdom (many times men appear in dresses and it looks ridiculous not being able to change it is frustrating)
3.-Creation of camps as in viking conquest
4.-Creation of a family tree system (I know there are mods but, this should be something that the game brings implemented)
5.-Improve the system of friends and enemies
6.-Create a decree in the kingdom that lets you be a tyrant
7.-Create random clans that emerge as your own clan and create alliances with those clans without the need to belong to a kingdom (to take a castle or whatever, etc)
8.-More cities and castles
9.-Larger Garrisons in cities and castles so that the sieges are really challenging, 400 soldiers defending a city of thousands of people??
10.-Sieges by stages (a pitched battle outside the city->walls->inside the city>inside the castle) how could this be achieved easily?, have 400 troops fighting outside as "another" garrison, then 400 troops to defend the walls, 200 troops to defend the city, 150 troops to defend the interior of the castle, if the enemy fails for example to take the interior of the castle, he gives the settlement 3 days so that they cannot attack, obviously the background It would be "waiting for reinforcements from the outside" and adding that in each stage you can use a hero or a member of your family to take command as captain in each stage, while you as king or clan leader wait to defend the interior of the castle.
11.-Technological tree of the clan that they unlock and that progress is felt, that not everything is based on renown, for example to unlock being a mercenary: you need 200 renown, have 5 noble friends of the kingdom, have 10 missions of escorting caravans successfully, have 100 troops, etc etc
12.-Choose freely with whom your clan members marry, many clans have old people and the youngest cannot marry because they are first on the "list"
13.-"Cultural" change of the settlements and with troops included, example: if I conquer Battania as a Vlandian and want to bring them "modernism" there should be a type of conversion
14.-Adoption of companions for the clan
15.- choose if your daughters "separate" from the clan when they get married, maybe it's tradition, but if you're the "king" you can pass the traditions wherever you want xd
16.-More missions, long and complicated with their respective reward of gold, influence or renown

Greetings, I know it's long but what I ask is not something from another world, many of them are already in mods, but the problem is that there is no support or they bring many bugs, it would greatly improve the life of "lore" that one carries inside of the game

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i THINK TW should adapt general approach when introducing features by making them efortless to experience without too much micro managent.
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