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Sir John Hawkwood

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this is the first time i write outside The Forge, i don't know well where to post this so i do here, on NW DLC's board.
I wanted to share my thoughts about NW's Artillery.
I write after many, hundreds of hours playing as Artillerist, and felt somehow compelled to report on it.

I've been playing around with NW after a long break, and since most of players suck at artillery shooting, let me give you some advices on how to handle NW Artillery better;

Reticle. Use the reticle well, as reference even for shots beyond its sight; cannon's reticle is made of third horizontal decreasing lines plus one across, while for short distances such as 100  mts you can safely utilize the first line, for 200 mts the second line and so forth, for greater distances like 1 km or more (on very big maps) go way under the third line but careful to align it well above the target!

Spyglass. Without it, you wouldn't be able to see your target, your shot's trajectory, to hone your precision.

Beware slopes.  If you're really far you will need to adjust the aim a bit towards the other side, for example if your target is a far Infantry unit standing on a slope, don't aim straight ahead, but correct the aim towards the hilltop so to counterveil cannonball's gravity.

Bouncing. If units are heading a place but are still widespread from each other, try to hit them at once, by bouncing the ball. How do you do? Try to aim as flat as possible, flatwise the ball has more chance to bounce, aim for higher spots but right against the target. Bouncing it's useful for very far targets as well, wale well the ricochet odd!

Prediction. Prefer crowded places, even when much farther. Once i saw a first-shot doing 14 kills at the beginning of a round.

Timing. Learn controls well, calibrate your mouse, and get going stepmeal! To spare time, this should be the best order: picking ball (in some servers), loading, ramming, pushing, and while the cannon is moving, fortwith to take another ball! At last firing. Take your time solely with the spyglass!

Crunch Time. When enemy's approaching, or the round is nearly lost, prepare one/two canisters next to you, they won't notice you and the surprise is on the go.

Narrow shooting. When enemy is really close, you might switch to canister cartridges. Canister is effective only within 30/40 mts and one of biggest error players do, is to shoot it as round ball. Nope! Canisters aren't round ball, they are weightless fast projectiles to be shot only evenly, aiming straight horizontally against targets, but how do you do? Eye, rotating your view.

Flank defence. Needless to say, while enemy is approaching, cover your weakest flank with your men, artillery units are almost blind but they're enough to engage your enemy for a while, just enough to aim and fire. If the enemy nevertheless breaks through, run, try to save your Artillery Officer, he has a bonus for troops and the best skill (purple circle on top screen) for the cannon.

Inclination. Deploy your cannon always on plane ground. You mayn't notice but the range will decrease and the aiming gets affected too.
There'd be some other advices to tell, but in my opinion these are the best ones to know. Please read my latest 3D Art post, may it serve as suggestion for you server-owners and administrators!

God fights on the side with the best artillery - Napoleon
Cannons win battles - Napoleon
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