Manual Activation, Activations, Retrieving a lost Serial Key

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Manual Activation Process

Mount & Blade allows for manual activation for use on systems which cannot connect to the internet. The process is as follows:

1. Install Mount & Blade on the PC you wish to activate it on
2. Run the activation, and choose "Manual Activation"
3. You will see a screen with a Hardware Hash number and an empty box for the Activation Code
4. Write down the Hardware Hash (you might want to write down your serial key on the same bit of paper)
5. On a PC which has internet access, go to (if that gives you problems, try
6. On the activation page, enter your serial and hardware hash. Click OK
7. You will be given a long (16 or so digit) activation code. Write this down.
8. Return to the PC you wish to activate M&B on. Run activation and again choose "manual activation"
9. Enter the activation code you obtained in step 7 into the box and hit ok
10. You should be returned to the M&B splash screen, with "Mount & Blade is running in full mode" displayed to the left

Each serial key allows you to activate M&B twice in each 60 day period. If you use up those activations, further attempts to activate the game will result in an "Activation Denied" message. If this happens, you will need to wait until the 60 day period is up and your activation counter resets.
The serial is tied to the hardware hash of your machine. If the hardware hash changes, then you will need to reactivate. The hardware hash can be changed by re-installing windows, or altering the system hardware.

Retrieving a Lost Serial Key bought through Esellerate
If you lose the email containing your serial key, you can get a duplicate of the email from esellerate.

1. Go to
2. In the second section, enter your email address in the box above "email order history"
3. Click the "email order history" button
4. A duplicate of your order reciept, complete with serial key, will be sent to your email address

NOTE the email address must be the same address you used to purchase the key. If you have changed or otherwise no longer have access to that email address, then you will need to contact Esellerate directly ([email protected]). They can track your purchase through a number of other methods.

Retrieving a Lost Serial Key bought through Paypal

Send an email to [email protected] they'll get back to you ASAP.


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It looks like manual activation may have been removed in the 1.00 retail version, however the serial should still work with the 1.003 version available for download from this site