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Calradia has enless manpower and has had through all M&B- titles.

I find this neglecting the value of human life and breaking immersion, summoning people out of thin air.

I´d like to see settlements falling to dispair when they are lacking people to care for the fields due to all menfolk has fallen in battle.

I´d like to see lords value their troops at least as a valuable investment or a security, their labour craft as income.

Bannerlord is where it can stop :smile:

I would like to see militia as this manpower. The units offered are taken from militia-count. This way, the supplies are not endless and after a few defeats, the troops are worse and scarce. The second selection - they are recruited as they are, Militia.

Extremly low militia values like after a raid or conquest makes regrowth very slow. As well does extremly high counts. Let´s say the ideal Militia count is 350 for a settlement, the farther away from 350 it is, the slower is the militia- growth. Prosperity boosts it.

A lot of things can be done with a healthy manpower - manhunters and troop-recruitment for example.

Prosperity can be taken for a one time militia-boost. Low manpower gives a small malus to prosperity and a bigger one to security.

Linked villages equilibrate with their castle/settlement. If one place is high on manpower and another is not, they move.
There can be policies doing the same between king and vassals or simple moving levies upstream or downstream.

Villages with depleted manpower and 0 prosperity with no growth has a daily risk of beeing "looted".
Recovering a "looted" village require active work from the lord of the place or atleast a working infrastructure in the area(Moving manpower and prosperity berween linked holdings).

Higher security mixes a percentage of militia in peasant-packs, making them able stand up against at least smaller looterparties.
I give this old suggestion of mine another chanse.

Today lategame, you can kill of 4-5 or even 10 armies without even touching the enemy power slider. They keeps on creating their T1-T3 -armies forever and you have to pay loads in tribute for peacing them off. They HAS to be weakened by defeat and send for peace. At least asking for white peace! The ONLY way to weaken them from here is to raid them into oblivion.
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