Making Unit Trees for all factions.


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I felt kind of sad when I saw the currently existing trees were kind of mixed. They are from different people, so their style are mixed and they have different amount of info. The English Tree does not have cavalry and there is no French at all.

I have only for now got all the normal ranks and I say this, because there are Veteran ones too. Veteran ones are more powerful than their normal counterparts, but between veterans, the differences are alike the normal ones. That means the scale stays the same for different units, which also means the reference to the normal ones helps to choose which veteran to get, but I might eventually break my neck to get these too.

Also something that is mentioned on the common tree guide (by Vampiresbane); the Prisoner unit can only be acquired if you somehow get captured and sold as a slave (when you die or surrender). There you have to ask help from other Prisoners and then escape along with them. Make sure to wait for them to escape first, because whoever is left after you exit, does not follow you.

I decided to make them for myself and I thought I might as well share them. My trees will look like this:
(Click on the pictures to enlarge them)

The normal tree pictures look like this

I have put on each box the wages for each class and in the links between them, the amount of piastres they need to be upgraded. I added some color, cause without it, they were too ... well white. I differentiate between melee units and ranged units, by using a cream like color in the ranged units. For the natives I did not know exactly which to mark ranged and which not.The Tibal Spearman and Axeman both seem like melee units, but they both have a really good throwing skill. Ended up marking the Axeman as melee and Spearman as ranged.

There is also an alternative with a soft colored background, for people that hate white backgrounds.

Also some other alternatives that have a flag background. The main nation have 2 (or more) but the neutral (player) and tribal ones just one. I tried to remake one of the options you get in game for the player flag and I used a flag generator to make a random one for the tribal. Also for the Pirates, I tried to make one of the variations look a bit more bloodthirsty XD I tried to make it so at least the nation flags reflect the ones you see in game.

You can quickly see them all on Imgur. Follow the links for the WHITE , COLOR or FLAG variations. Since IMGUR (at least for me) downloads them with the names being all random letters and numbers, you can get them all on the link I provide at the bottom of the post. I have uploaded them there also in half size (only packed in 7z).

But these are not the trees I really made for myself. For myself I went through every unit I could find, took a screenshot and then put it all together as good as I could in an offline html. It looks exactly like the tree above, but of course it has hyperlinks that open the pictures. It has a zoom in and out tool too, in case it looks too small or too big on the screen.

There are 4 variation of these.

All Factions - Normal: This has the default 1920x1080 screenshots I got from the game.
All Factions - Normal and Sharpened: This has the 1920x1080 images but sharpened a bit. I felt that the screenshots came out a bit blurry, so I sharpened them. Some people might prefer the default.
All Factions - Shrunk: I resized the images to 1280x720, since there is no real need for the full 1920x1080 for some people. That changed the size from 53 to 21MB.
All Factions - Shrunk and Sharpened: Resized and sharpened.
All Factions - Extra Shrunk: Resized to 1024x576 with size 15MB
All Factions - Extra Shrunk and Sharpened: The above with sharpen =)

You can see a comparison of the quality between them HERE.

You can get all these on THIS LINK HERE, which directs you to a Google Drive Folder. It is split between the HTML trees and PNG Images. In the PNG Images if you get the 7zip files, it contains all the pictures of the folder it's name represents.