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Hi, I altered a bunch of companions for the Hordelands, but I only figured out how to change their names and their strength and agility.  I raised their stats through time, and now they all have 10 power strike/draw etc, and high proficiencies.  Well, the thing is is that Hordelands has an option to have tournements with just your companions, plus one on one duels.  With my uber companions it is quite exciting- I really have to be careful, unlike normal tournements, and actually lose more than I win.

So the question is, what do I do to raise skill levels and proficiencies?  I'm afraid I can't figure out what all the other numbers are for.  I would like to give them 10 points in power draw and strike, and 10 ironflesh too, plus 200 or so in proficiencies.  Then I'll have some kickass tournements!


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You can use unofficial troop editor,34154.0.html

or module system,49267.0.html

Need a new game to see the effect.

If you are going to use the MS, there is a piece of code for companions export/import so you can edit their stats whenever you want to,61239.0.html



I use the unofficial troop tree works for me. I've been using it in native and changed the troop trees completely to my own liking. I would suggest using that.
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