Making a scene_prop summoning a unit after X seconds

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Hi all !
I'm actually working on a Heroic Fantasy mod, using the txt files instead of the module_system because I didn't succeed to make it work  on my computer :

I actually try to make some dungeon's map for multiplayer, but I only have one problem to do this : I would like to have a scene_prop which will summon a unit in its position. I succeed to have a scene_prop summoning a unit, but it summons this unit during loading of the map, and when the game begins, you control this summoned unit and when you choose your class and spawn on the map, it doesn't react to anything.
I made some tests and I found that the problem is because the unit is summoned before the game's really loaded.
Here is the script, in the scene_prop.txt file :

spr_summon 805371915 32 summon bo_summon 1
-40.000000  2 1972 1 360287970189640571 1770 2 72057594037927936 1224979098644774916

So, I'd like to know if someone very nice would help me : I need someone having the module_system to make a scene_prop with a script telling :
"Waiting for 5 seconds, and summoning a unit at the position of the scene prop."

(because i have the "summoning a unit at the position of the scene prop", and all I miss is the "waiting for 5 seconds, and")

I think it's simple to do, that's why I'm asking you this favor.
Can someone help me please ?

Thanks all !
Well, Noone will give you a better tip mate, module_system is the only good way, txt files will give you alot more bugs crashes or what ever :razz: + it is a pain in the ass....
Your mod looks great, though they may have been a lot of shared resources, I don't understand how you realized so many changes with only the txt files.

I will have a look at your idea, and I would really like to know more about your working method. :grin:

Could you tell me the name of scene_props which summons your troop ? (it may only be your entry points !)
MadVader : It will be stealing when I'll upload it without permission, and I did not. So please, don't insult me, I know my rights and I respect them.

Horla : I beggun with a tutorial posted on Talesworld's forum, permitting to add some multiplayer's playable troop ( ) & it learns me some codes really useful for all the things I did. Maybe we may talk about it in mp, if you want (but in french would be better for me ^^ )
Well I can use entry points, but I'm afraid it will not permit to spawn such unit at such place, or to make a dungeon with only necromancians & undead, and an other dungeon with only orcs, etc. But if you know a way to do it, it would be cool, yes !
Concerning the scene_prop name, that's "monspawn" and it's a scene_prop I made myself. Why did you need it ?

Anyways, thx for proposing you help :smile:

That's good Harosem, I'll mp you with my thoughts and we'll discuss about this in french. I think you might use some help to open the module system, which can (I think) solve your problem in a sec. It may be possible to add a spawn timer on a scene_prop.

@MadVader : I'm asking you because you surely know it way better than me : is it possible to spawn a unit with a "timer-entry point" ?

However it will be nice to post an update on this topic if we find something that might be useful for others, thought I doubt it. Cheers. :smile:

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