Make Vlandian Crossbowmen realistic

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Vlandian crossbowmen are supposed to be based on Genoese crossbowmen. These crossbowmen placed the pavise shield in front of them on the ground freestanding, to create a wall while they were reloading and also to protect them from meelee and range groups. This also provided cover for Genoese close combat troops which would seek shelter behind these shields, they would hide, and then attack, hide, attack. The use of this shield is integral to their fighting style.

Please make the Vlandian crossbowmen more like the Genoese. As they are, they are ridiculous, there is no point in the pavise shield.

Please also allow the division of the same type of troop into different units. I.e. ability to divide a 100 men aserai recruits into four groups of 25.
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