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Make troops go AROUND an enemy formation, NOT walk/ride into it when told to go to a position.

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It's bad enough using the stupid flag to guess where you're telling troops to go, at least make them not throw their lives way on the way by moving through formations.
Players want to do smart things like surround enemies, we don't want to just slam troops into each other and watch them die like a specially intellectually gifted person.
Maybe have a separate command for charging through a formation to a point, but for just moving troops to a non stupid location it's too much hand holding and effort (with poor tools) to just PUT TROOPS IN PLACE without them doing something stupid.

It would be a big improvement to add the mini map from warband too. It would be so much better to click it and move troops then to aim the flag.


That's a bit too much 📶 to demand, I think 👨‍🔬. You can ask for individuals to automatically fight when moving through enemy ranks 🫂, but if you are going to order troops to move through enemies 👣⬆️, maybe that's exactly what you wanted and the AI shouldn't second guess you 🤬. It's on you to manage they move through a safe path 👣➡️⬆️⬅️🥵 if you wanted that instead 🤔.
In total war you can press shift and left mouse button, moving it, to draw the trajectory that the selected troops must travel.

Copying this mechanic would be enough to tell your soldiers to "outflank" the enemy unit without getting in the way.
It would be enough to draw a curve (with the mouse) that circumnavigates them without coming into contact with them.
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