Make the Caravan Escort quest ambush chance random and make the ambushers actually strong.

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Why was this changed? Who thought that having an enemy encounter for each town visit was fun and immersive? It makes the quest very unimmersive, predictable and tedious. Change it back to a random chance for enemy encounters.

The enemies you encounter also aren't even powerful. These ambushers wouldn't even win against a normal caravan. Change these ambushers into a large number of the bandit type of the respective area/biome and maybe add 1 bandit boss into the party. This change would at least give an incentive for doing the quest to someone who's doing a roguery/bandit build in the form of recruiting bandit prisoners (or an opportunity of combining the caravan escort quest with landowner needs manual labourers for fat stacks).
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I mean, it's in line with all the other things they implemented to date. You don't like fighting just a scaling number of 70+ looters on ponies every town trip?
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