Make sturgian infantry great (again)

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I have been testing the new sturgian infantry in custom battle and I have to say I am completely disappointed.

The buff to the heavy spearmen was deserved, now they are somewhat decent against cavalry, but they still just get destroyed against any other infantry. On one hand their short spears work a lot worse than any other spearmen against cavalry, for example an initial charge soaked up by braced pikes would be much stronger, on the other hand this shorter spear works a lot better because of the facehugging nature of troops, so when all cavalry is ganged up together with them they do much better with these short spears, so its really a double edged sword.

On the other hand the nerf to heavy axemen was completely undeserved, the throwing axes do absolutely nothing, in a 200 v 200 infantry scenario I have only witnessed a few shields breaking, which is ridiculous. Even more so they just tickle armored targets, so most often in such a battle you wont see a single ranged kill from the heavy axemen. And the nerf to the armor is not that substantial, but still noticeable.

In my opinion axes need some buff, both thrwing and regular axes, but especially throwing. The base damage on throwing axes is really small, the max is 74, and of course it is cut damage which will just get soaked up by armor. While javelins often have 100+ damage and that damage is piercing which is a lot better against anything.

I would suggest increasing the blunt damage on all axes, as I have read somewhere that all weapons have some blunt damage in damage calculation (correct me if im wrong), together with an all around damage increase on throwing weapons.

Another suggestion: buff their lower tier infantry as their T4 spearmen is like the worst T4 infantry unit and gets wrecked by everything, they need both better armor and weapons.

Yea and give them back the cool plated helmet!
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