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In my opinion marriage, as it is now, is kind of incoherent with what the game allows you to do if playing as a female character: playing a female character allows you to do everything a male character would do, basically stating that there's no difference between genders in Calradia, EXCEPT when it comes to marriage, where women must always go to the spouse clan, with the notable exception of your female character.

I was thinking that this could be fixed by allowing, while in the barter window following a marriage proposal, to make the hand of the betrothed an item that could be either asked or offered, regardless of the gender. So, for example, if I have X in my family which I would like to marry to Y I could either propose it to Y's clan and get a dowry for it OR ask for Y to get into my clan, of course paying a dowry for it.
This would allow more flexibility and more roleplaying options, allowing, for example, to make a matrilineal clan, where only men are given to other clans, without unbalancing the game, since you would have to pay a dowry anyway.
Last, but not least, it would take off the actual chauvinistic approach the game has to marriage and family, where females are only good to give away and only males can keep the lineage going.
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