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Make main quest time limit OPTIONAL

Do you want option to turn off the time limits for main quests?

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I understand that you want players to prioritize and focus on main quest during campaign, but those limits do not work well. I am not the type of player that likes to rush. I play games to RELAX, w/o time limits etc. I do not want to beat records.

Especially when you want to RESTORE Empire and collected all pieces of banner. There are 2 options:
1 - join existing kingdom - sounds easy? Well it is at start... but those DUMB rulers constantly rush into wars w/o giving time to recover from previous war. And this makes conquering 2/3 settlements VERY hard. Almost impossible in such time limit. And even if I managed (as a vassal) to complete it... The next one was a total disaster - no matter how many enemies I defeated - other lords were such a wimps that they buried every thing I tried to do xD
2 - create own kingdom - Capturing rebelled city is not so hard but then... The renown for 4th tier of clan. It takes a long time to get it, so It's hard to fit in time limit.

That's why I returned do older version and started new game. Sorry but maybe just some ideas were good ONLY on paper. Not in actual game :/
I am adding a poll.
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