Suggestion Mesh Editor Make item_holster xsl Possible or remove the need to refer to above item_holster files

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Currently, the item_holster.xml doesn't seem possible to turn into an .xsl, resulting in modders either avoiding it, or copy-pasting above loaded mods' holsters into their own xml to maximize compatibility.

We would like the ability for item_holsters to be allowed for xsl edit, or, alternatively, we can just add item_holsters in without copying or referring to other item_holsters loads above our mods.
2nd this - this is extremely problematic as if two mods both have a holster XML (Including a simple weapons mod), then they will one will be broken. Nearly every single mod will at one point require a custom holster to suit their needs, ensuring these can be added and compatible like other xmls located in project.mbproj
if this is fixed it would save a lot pain in the ass for modders to make their mods compatible with other important mods, and users will be grateful, please taleworlds!
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