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The problem is that Sturgia is alone in having their high-tier nobles not reflect their faction very well. Everyone else gets a unit on them but the Sturgian Druzh are the third flavor of lance and sword heavy cavalry among the noble trees.

So why not give them two-handed axes and glaives? Starting from Tier 4? They'll still be effective shock cavalry, so the actual role of Druzinniks won't change, but they'll be armed in a different manner than Vlandian and Imperial nobles. Glaives and two-handed axes also seem to fair better when counter-charging horse archers, which furthers the theme of Sturgian being under threat from the steppes and needing a response for Khuzait horse hordes.

The downside is that they'll be less protect without a shield, but their armor is pretty good and shieldless units with good armor don't seem to suffer too badly in most fights.
An interesting point, i love anything that would connect the game to its predecessor, in this case Druzhiniks to Vaegir Knights, these little things add a bit of flavor.
Give them Bardiches like the Vaegir knights have!


One of my favorite playthroughs of Warband, using Diplomacy litdum mod, was being a soldier in Yarogleks army and making my way up to Vaegir Knight.
IDK, assuming khan's guards keep their glaives, i don't like the idea of having two different noble units doing the same thing. but i agree the druzhinniks could use more flavor. so i would give them lance, shield, one-handed axe and maybe throwing axes so they can still be the best dismounted noble units.
I think you might like my mod then. In an effort to make Druzhinniks a little more distinct from other cavalry, I gave them war razors. It probably makes them too strong, but **** it I think they're cool.

Oh and I gave horse raiders two handed axes and slightly heavier armour, because I also want them to stand apart from other skirmisher cavalry.

And I added Vaegir Marksmen as an auxiliary unit for Sturgia. I even made funky Vaegir hats for everyone.
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