Make bannerlord more alive

More npc and more randomly quests from them

  • the reason for us to take a walk around towns,villages

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When i go into the towns, villages, taverns. I do not see many npc there, maybe adding some talking sound these places and more npc moving around will make bannerlord world more alive. A waiter in tavern can be two (1 man 1 woman) moving around to serve their customers, more customers in tavern (also we can randomly got a quest by a normal guy if we go into tavern, not show in the town menu), more town people moving around ( they are shoping or some guys carrying goods around in the market) randomly has a quest or two if we moving around, add more farmer to the villages( more farmers and ramdomly quests we can get if we go into villages).
This is my opinion
The game feels empty when it comes to characters even through there is lost of them maybe if they acted according to there traits. Maybe the traits could open special options in dialogue or actions and each rank in the trait could open a new ability from one on one duel to paying thugs to kidnap someone ect. There could be a rival system where lords could have a enemy that get personal between them . These type of things would create story and a memorable game and characters.
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