Make Bannerlord Great. Part 3: Clan, marriage and parenting; Espionage and intrigue; Diplomacy and domestic politics.

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Clan, marriage and parenting
50)The ability to create a vassal clan and dynasty. A dynasty is a union of several clans. Accordingly, as soon as we create a vassal clan, a dynasty is immediately created.
  • Vassal clan. We can send our vassal clan to serve in another kingdom or make them mercenaries (using dialogues). We can make a vassal clan at the head of our companion or at the head of our relative. If we choose a relative, then it will be more difficult to send him to another kingdom, he will be much more loyal to us. If you choose a companion, then it is easier to make him a vassal in another kingdom, but he is less loyal to us. We can also put our vassal clan on the throne in another kingdom. You can create your vassal clan at Tier 4, 5, 6, there are 3 vassal clans in total. To create a vassal clan you need: 60,000 dinars and the character's renown must be 400. The vassal clan banner will be created automatically. To create a vassal clan, you need to talk to the character and choose a dialogue: "I would like you to found your clan."
  • Dynasty. You can also call another unoccupied clan to your dynasty, you need to talk to the leader of another clan and there will be a dialogue: "Would you like to become a part of my dynasty?" (If you have already created a dynasty) or "What do you think about us being together found a dynasty? "(both options require at least 1 marriage with his family). We can also join another dynasty, for this we need a Tier 2 clan (your dynasty can be based on a Tier 4 clan). After we have created a clan or called a clan into our dynasty, we also need to create: the name of the dynasty, the motto of the dynasty, the coat of arms of the dynasty (the coat of arms consists of 2 parts: the background (color of the coat of arms) and the image of the animal (you can change the color of the background and the animal) . On the coat of arms you can only depict animals. After our clan was destroyed, then the main clan in the dynasty becomes the clan that we founded 2, we will also choose who to play from this clan. The dynasty is needed to unite clans in one whole and increase their influence in the kingdom and compete with other dynasties.At the moment, the lords and the player have no opportunity to increase their influence in the kingdom, except to take more settlements, the dynasties are needed just so that we can better gain a foothold in the kingdom and to strengthen our power in the kingdom.
If you are not a member of a dynasty:
If you are in a dynasty:
Coat of arms creation menu:
Click on the "Dynasty" icon and the dynasty menu appears:
Click on any clan and a menu appears:
Clan menu UI:
Click the "Dynasty" icon in the clan menu and a menu appears:
If we click on the "Create an army" button, then our vassal creates an army from his vassals.
Click on the "Give command" button and the menu for managing the vassal's army appears:
Note:Also, if you have not created a vassal's army, then you can call his vassals into your army(free). Also, your vassal clans will vote for you in all votes of your kingdom, you can also give them your settlements. Also, vassal clans gain influence for being in a dynasty. The dynasty leader can also impose an additional tax on vassal clans.
51)Make a function that your children can betray you (leave your clan) and create their own clan (not controlled by the player), in the event that you have a negative relationship with him.
52)After our character died. Let us play as his child when he turns 18, and until that moment play as his mentor (child). We will play as a mentor until our heir is 18 years old.
When the child's eighteenth birthday is 1 month away, we will have a notification on the screen that "There is 1 month left until the heir's eighteenth birthday, have time to finish all the work before his reign begins." This is necessary so that the player can finish all his affairs and start playing for the heir.
If you do not have a mentor, but only 1 child remains in the clan, then the mentor will automatically spawn, allegedly a loyal soldier who, after the death of the child's parent, decided to become his mentor and replace his deceased parents with him.
53)Let our children find their own spouses, without having to choose for them and we need to approve or reject their marriage. When our child reaches 18 years old, then once a year he has a chance to find a spouse (50/50 that he will find a spouse) (the game itself calculates whether he will find a spouse or not (randomly)). If your child has found a spouse, an icon will appear on the global map informing the player.
Click on the icon and a menu appears:
You can click on the icon and a description of the character in the encyclopedia opens.
If you refused to marry or ignored the decision (closed the icon), then there are several options that can happen:
  • your child will be offended by you (the relationship with the child will worsen slightly)
  • your child will run away from you with his spouse
  • nothing will happen
54)Make it possible to marry all NPCs(mercenaries, merchants, bandits, servants), except for officials and village leaders.
If you are married to:
  • mercenary. Mercenaries are ordinary lords, relations just increase.
  • merchant. If we choose a spouse for ourselves or for a companion from among merchants, then the merchant becomes our person and helps us create a cartel and control the prices of goods.
  • bandit. If we choose a spouse for ourselves or for a companion of the bandits, then the leader of the bandits becomes our man and we can help him capture the rest of the points in the city and select the city for himself, he will automatically become the boss in the city.
  • servants. If we choose a spouse for ourselves or for a companion from among the servants, then our relationship with the clan that owns the settlement from which we took the servant increases.
55)Function to choose a spouse for our companion, he can agree or refuse depending on the relationship. We can choose a spouse for a companion from court servants, merchants, or bandits. To marry your companion, you need to give him a house. The spouse of our companion will not be in our army, but will be at home. We will not be shown his house, spouse or children anywhere, only after the death of our companion will we be able to take one of his children to replace the companion (after death, a menu with his children appears). In dialogues, we will talk with a companion whether he wants to start a family or not, and you will also negotiate a marriage with a potential spouse in a dialogue.
56)We gain influence in the creation of any marriage union. We have 2 types of marriages:
  • marriage for a companion. We are looking for a spouse for our companion. For creating a marriage, we get 20 Influences.
  • marriage. We are looking for a spouse for ourselves or for our family. For creating a marriage, we get 80 influence.
57)Choose learning skills for your child (active education, we ourselves choose what will be pumped, and not at random the game will choose). A child's education begins at the age of 7 and will continue until the age of 18. Of the 24 hours, 14 hours will be free for the child's education, that is, we can distribute 14 points according to the skills that our child will improve.
When a child turns 7 years old, a notification appears on the global map, which says that we can choose the education for our child.
After that, the "Choose education" button appears for this child:
Press and a menu appears:
Note:1)You can put all 14 points in 1 skill.2)As I imagine, if we put all the points in 1 skill (14), then at the age of 18 a child should fully learn this skill.3)Those who say where Roguery and Smithing are, I will say that it is offensive for noble families to do this.
There is also a bonus that increases the speed of learning certain skills:
1.If your child is with you, then he receives a bonus of + 30% to the study of military education.
2.If your child is in the city (in the house or in the city), then he receives a bonus + 30% to the study of civic education.
3.If your child is in the castle, then he receives + 15% to military and civil education.
To do this, you need a function to send the child somewhere:
Press the button and a menu appears:
Note:This function is needed not only by children, but also by your other relatives. Why carry the whole family with you? If you are taken prisoner, then they will also be taken prisoner, it will be safer to leave them in their place.
58.)Make events with children, events affect your relationship with the child (if you mistreated him, then on day 18 he will leave your clan), character traits. There will also be events where you can get skill points. The event will appear randomly once a year. The events will be both negative (your child stole something, fought, beat someone), and positive (your child spent the whole day in the market (+5 skill points to trade), your child helped the old woman bring things (+500 points to the mercy trait).
Events will appear anyway, no matter where your child is.
As you understand, there will be 2 types of events: active (we choose options for action) and passive (your child did something and you are simply notified about it).
Espionage and intrigue
1.Espionage is needed for 2 purposes: for your own purposes, for winning the war.
2.2 types of goal achievement: 1) belligerent (go over the heads of other people), 2) peaceful (send an agent to establish a relationship with the chosen person).
3.Spying mechanics:
The main:
prepare attempted murderWe can kill a person in 2 ways: a simple murder (easy to prepare and fast to execute, low cost) or fake an accident (long time to complete, high cost). If we choose method 1, then the family of the deceased will find out that we killed him and will try to kill us with their spy (the relationship will also worsen), if we choose method 2, then the family of the deceased will not know that we killed him and will think that he died by his own death.
intelligenceSend your spy to the capital of the enemy so that he finds out the location and movement of enemy armies (on the map we will see the icon of the enemy army).
counterintelligenceSend your agent to the city to intercept enemy spies.
replace an official with your own personWe can put our own man instead of an official (if we are not the lord of this settlement) (if you are a lord, you can simply appoint), in order to influence his lord with his help, we can also put our man in another kingdom and he will inform us location of enemy armies (castellan and constable).
We have several options for how to place our person:
-Kill him (in 2 ways), this will only work if your person is in his assistants
- make your man his assistant and after a while (1 year), your man will take his position
-buy his position from him
- blackmail to force him to leave the post. Send a courtesan (agent) to him and seduce him, then inform him that if he does not leave his post, everyone will know about his crime (in Calradia, treason is considered a severe crime for which you can go to jail).
Note:But this is only for regional officials, a federal official cannot be so easily replaced (but you can kill a federal official to weaken the government of a neighboring state), you first need to put your person in a regional position, and the longer he is in this position, the the higher his level of trust, the higher the chances of being elected to federal office.
Also, if you killed an official and did not put your own, or you killed an official and you did not appoint your person, then in a week the official will be automatically appointed (an official will be created randomly).
create an underground intelligence network (start a revolution or prevent a revolution in their cities).In the agents menu, click on the "Create a network" button, after that a menu with all cities appears, select a city, give money to the agent and send him to the selected city. He begins to create a network (2 weeks) and becomes its curator.
We have 2 options to use the underground network: 1) for revolution. Bribe city officials (the more money you give them, the more loyal they are to you), recruit heralds to your side (butcher and baker), bribe the militia, bribe (barter menu) or convince the lords of your faction to join the conspiratorial faction, convince or bribe mercenaries to help in the revolution (only if they have a branch in the city. For example: We want to make a revolution in Galend, so we can bribe the mercenaries to our side-Brotherhood of the Woods)-but this is a variant of the civil war, if we want a peaceful way seize power, we need to create network departments in all cities of the kingdom, bribe all officials (regional and federal), bribe 70% of the lords of our faction, if all conditions are met in a dialogue with the king, we can openly tell him that everyone supports us and if he does not give us power peacefully, then his entire family will be destroyed.
2) to prevent a revolution in his own city recently captured. We create a network and bribe heralds and with their help we look for opposition leaders, after we find them we kill them and the city calms down.
sabotage in the city (destroy the building)Send a spy to sabotage the city and destroy the building we have chosen.
the ability to burn food supplies in the city / castleSend a spy to destroy the settlement's provisions during the siege so that we can defeat them by hunger or force them to surrender the settlement without a fight.
sabotage in the armySend a spy to the enemy army to destroy the army's food supplies and it will split into detachments of lords.
destabilize the workshopSend a spy to destroy your rival's workshop.
kidnap a person (and then demand a ransom for him)We send a spy to kidnap a person (we can choose anyone, if they are lords, it is more difficult to kidnap, if they are children and nobles who do not leave the settlement, then it is easier).
seduce the lordWhat is it for?
Using this mechanic, we can take a companion from another clan, also the son of the clan leader (but not the leader himself).
inquire about the character of the character (moral values)We have 2 options to find out the character of the selected character: send your agent to collect information or pay the courtesans so that they can find out the character's biography through their connections.
cause riots in the cityRiots are needed to loot cities (not capture), but you can also make riots during a city siege to weaken the garrison. The riots themselves take place inside the city there will be a battle, the townspeople (+ the militia, if you bribe them) against the garrison of the settlement. To raise the discontent of citizens (and increase the chance of success), we need to enlist the support of the butcher and baker, they will spread rumors around the city that the current governor of the city is robbing them, you can also buy announcements in an art store (if you plan to rob the city). If your plans to weaken the garrison, then you can enlist the support of only 1 of 2 heralds (butcher and baker) and tell him in dialogue: "I would like to help the townspeople with weapons" (transfer weapons to the townspeople). Where can I get weapons? You can buy it in the city, collect it after the battlefield, or in a dialogue with the captain of the militia ask him to equip the townspeople (only if you have enlisted the support of the militia). You can also recruit the militias to yourself by bribery if you want to inflict maximum damage on the garrison.
Note:Each mechanic has its own chance of success, except for "creating an underground intelligence network" this mechanic has a 100% chance of success. Any of your aggressive actions attracts the attention of the king, there will be a system of attention (scale), if it is full, then professional killers will hunt for your soul (they will not stun you, but kill you). You can also lower your attention: over time, it decreases itself, bribing castellans and constables to turn a blind eye to hostile actions. Actions that affect attention:
  • prepare attempted murder
  • replace the official with your own person (if you kill him)
  • sabotage in the city
  • the ability to burn food supplies in the city / castle
  • sabotage in the army
  • destabilize the workshop
  • cause riots in the city
  • kidnap a person
4.Add agents. They are hired, just like companions, but from urban factions (thieves, courtesans, mercenaries, militias, servants).
Note:Agents need to pay money. After you have hired an agent, he becomes yours, but he does not join you in the army, but remains in the city (agents cannot be dragged with you), you can also order the agent to move to another city. On a Tier 1 clan, you can have 4 agents, and with each new level the limit increases by +2. On a Tier 6 clan, you can have 14 agents. Also, the place of hiring an agent is also important, since agents will also have their own culture and if you hired an agent in Vlandia, then it will be slightly worse performing tasks in neighboring Battania. An agent of the same culture will more successfully complete missions on their land.
Each faction has its own bonus:
thieves are more secretive and easily find a common language with the local population.
They do best with:
- Counterintelligence
-Make riots in the city
-Create an underground intelligence network
-Ability to burn food supplies in the settlement
-Diversion in the army
courtesans can seduce lords and it is easiest for them to infiltrate the government, it is easy to learn other people's secrets.
They do best with:
-Intelligence service
-Seduce the lord
-Inquire about the character of the character
mercenaries are the best assassins and saboteurs.
They do best with:
-Prepare attempted murder
-To kidnap a person
-Diversion in the city
-Destabilize the workshop
the militia are versatile agents, average in everything and have the cheapest agents. The militia also have a slightly better chance of success within their faction, as they know the kingdom's security arrangement.
Note:This does not mean that a certain faction can only do the chosen actions, it means that each faction has its own strengths. You can freely assign a thief to seduce the lord (of course, if the characters are of different genders), but the thief will most likely fail this task, since he will have this skill poorly developed. Any agent can be assigned to any mission. "replace an official with your own person" is a universal mechanic of an agent that needs to be selected depending on what method you want to get rid of the official.
Agents will have a separate leveling branch that differs from the standard leveling branch:
skill:intelligence / counterintelligencestealthplanningdestructionseductiongossip
what skill affects mechanics:-Intelligence
- Counterintelligence
-Ability to burn food supplies
-Diversion in the army
-Prepare attempted murder
-To kidnap a person
-Diversion in the city
-Destabilize the workshop
-Seduce the lord-Make riots in the city
-Create an underground intelligence network
-Inquiry about character
skill bonus:increases the speed of spy penetration into the city, reduces the time it takes to search for information about the movements of armies, increases the efficiency of intercepting enemy spiesincreases the chance of invisible penetration into an enemy city or army, decreases the chance of being caught during a missionreduces preparation time for kill and kidnap, increases chance of success for kill and kidnapreduces the preparation time for sabotage, increases damage to buildingsincreases the chance to seduce the lord, decreases the time to seduce the lordincreases the speed of creating a network, increases the efficiency of the network (much higher than the chance to bribe someone, less money is required to bribe), reduces the time to search for opposition in the city, increases the dissatisfaction of citizens during the riots, reduces the time to search for information about the character
Note:You can also add attributes to the leveling system(P.S.:but I don't see the point in it).
Click on the "espionage" icon and the main menu appears:
5.Event log. Event log is needed so that the player can view all the game events that he missed.
6.Conspiracy menu. In the conspiracy menu, we can start a revolution in any kingdom and see the current missions that our agents are carrying out.
7.Networks menu. In the network menu, we can select the type of operational work (search for like-minded people - revolution and search for opposition leaders - counter-revolution).
Click on the "Allocate capital for the network" button and a menu appears:
Click on the "Enlist the support of local" button and a menu appears:
Click on the "Change the type of work" button and the network changes the type of work from "Type of work: search for like-minded people" to "Type of work: search for opposition leaders".
Note:We must personally bribe or persuade Lords, mercenaries and federal officials.
Diplomacy and domestic politics
Note:When we click on consider making peace, then we do not automatically have a peace, but a barter menu appears with the ambassador of this faction.
Degree of relations with other states:
  • 60)Sign a non-aggression pact (this is the first step towards improving relations between factions) (if 2 factions are simultaneously fighting with 3 faction, then they have more desire to sign a non-aggression pact. For example, Vlandia and Sturgia are at war with Battania, then Vlandia and Sturgia, if the point is conclusion of the contract).
  • 61)Propose a marriage union (only yourself and your relatives, no companions, if you are the leader of a dynasty, then you can also marry for your vassal clan, but only with the clan leader or his children, just as no companions).
  • 62)Defensive alliance (obliges both sides to intercede for each other, if you are attacked, if you attacked someone, then your ally will not come to your aid).
  • 63)Military alliance (we can offer our ally to attack another state together, there will be a dialogue with the leader of the allied state: - “What do you think about us attacking another state together?” - “Which state do you want to attack ? "This is the answer of the leader of the allied state, after his answer appears a list of all states that we can attack. Also military alliance = defensive alliance, that is, if you are attacked, the ally will intercede for you).
  • 64)Economic alliance(together with our ally we can declare an embargo against another state. The embargo can be implemented in 2 ways: a caravan cannot enter a city or caravans can enter a city, but they will have to pay additional fees for entering the city).
  • 65)Unite 2 kingdoms into an empire. We can talk to the leader of another kingdom and ask him if he wants to create an empire with us (in dialogue) or if he does not want we can pay him to agree to become part of the empire (in the barter menu) (this is a peaceful way to create empire), in order to create an empire in a peaceful way, we must have a military and economic alliance with this kingdom.
Note:Also add the ability to break any union.
66)Demand a child. We can demand a child of lords or a king at the time of signing a peace treaty as a guarantor of peace that they will not attack us. When we receive a child, he will be with us until his eighteenth birthday, upon reaching the age of 18 we have a choice of what to do with him: leave him with us or send him home. The longer he is with us, the greater the chance that he will consider us his family (for example: the child came to us when he was 9 years old and after 9 years he was completely assimilated) and act in our interests. If his faction attacks us, then we can execute the child without any moral consequences.
67)Take another state under your protectorate. If you win the war and inflict a stunning defeat on the enemy, then we can force him to stand under our protectorate and if he agrees, then an empire is automatically created (a military way to create an empire).
68.)Force another state to pay us tribute. We can choose: the period until which the tribute will be paid and the amount of dinars that will be paid per day. For example: we have chosen that tribute will be paid to us for the next 50 days in the amount of 2,000 dinars per day and in total after 50 days we will have 100,000 dinars.
69)Attack another state. We can pay one state to attack another state (list of all factions).
70)Make peace with the faction. We can pay one state to make peace with another state (list of all factions).
71)The ability to bribe the lord (of your faction) in favor of one or another decision during the voting.
Note:"When we put forward a proposal to transfer the settlement to someone else" will be the same menu as in "Voting for the owner of the settlement".
If you want the lord to abstain from voting, then it will be much cheaper than persuading him in one direction or another (for or against; in relation to a certain lord).
72)If you are the leader of a faction and you are the head of a dynasty, then you have the opportunity to issue a decree, which says which clan of your dynasty will become the head of the faction when the current ruler dies, also we can put a vassal clan to rule our protectorate(in dialogues).
73)The simplest laws. For killing or mutilating animals in settlements, the player should be given a penalty.
74)At the moment the game has:
the kingdom is a state entity, the king is the leader of the kingdom, the council of lords is the assembly of lords to pass laws (an early form of parliament).
I propose to add: an empire - a state formation that includes several kingdoms, can be created both by military and peaceful means; the emperor is the leader of the empire (the council of lords will remain in the empire). The empire consists of 2 or more kingdoms, you can at least annex the whole of Calradia to your empire. If the empire consists of 2 kingdoms and one of them left the empire, then the empire falls apart. The creation of an empire gives the following bonuses: the speed of construction increases, the speed of production of villages / workshops increases, income from caravans increases, and the welfare of settlements increases.
75)At the moment the game has:
absolute monarchy - power is inherited.
I propose to add also an elective monarchy - power goes to an elected ruler, who will be elected by the Council of Lords for 2 years. She can be in the kingdom and in the empire. The elected ruler is subject to a council of lords. An elected monarchy can become a new form of government under pressure from the people. An elected ruler can also usurp power in the kingdom if he has sufficient control of power in all branches of government (federal officials).
76)Add to the adoption of the law, a strip on which you can see how strongly the people support this law.
77)Add 2 labels to the "Policies" menu:
Power control - it will show how much the current ruler controls the branches of government (federal officials are your people), if the ruler has no one in the federal government, then he has only 20% of power (only 5 branches of government: king, chancellor, field marshal, treasurer, secret advisor), if the ruler controls power too much, while in the state the form of succession to the throne is an elective monarchy, then the ruler can usurp power;
Popular support - shows how much the people approve of the current ruler, it depends on this factor how much civil revolts will break out. Civil riots are peasants uprising in villages, during the uprising, villages stop paying taxes, producing resources, etc. If you own land in a village where the mutiny is taking place, then your production also stops.
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