Make a new faction appear (like Dark Knights)

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I am looking at add a new faction who will start an invasion at some set time - like the Dark Knights used to long ago.

Could someone please give me some pointers as to how to make a faction appear at a particular time?
Or, alternatively, show me how to re-enable the Dark Knights, and I'll edit them to be my new faction.

I looked through module_triggers, and there didn't seem to be any commented-out Dark Knight stuff there.
I think I can set up a trigger, but I've no idea how to make that enable a new faction.
Thanks, I have found the Native Expansion mod which also features the Dark Knights. They have a script in module_simple_triggers that enables them. It's fairly complex though, I might check out that Tocan's Calradia and see if it's any clearer. Cheers.
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