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What feature do you mostly want to add?

  • Religions Improvements: pray, spendable Piety Points, branches, deeper immersion

    Votes: 90 19.8%
  • Offices: town/guild/kingdom council, vote for tax level/more profit, war/peace

    Votes: 235 51.6%
  • Revised Traits: more traits, buy/train traits, gain upon actions

    Votes: 130 28.6%

  • Total voters

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Lots! Textures for native models have been carefully revised. Normal maps are added. Endlessly bloom (from wood/stone) is removed.
And marble has awesome reflection now! Scroll back for the updates.

Uploading has started...
Update: "Nova Aetas v5.0 has been released!"

After months of work, I can now proudly say that Nova Aetas v5.0 is here. The changelog is so large that I've decided to call it v5.0 instead of v4.2.
v5.0 is especially developed with the focus on fixing, polishing and refining the mod. Besides, lots of graphical enhancements have been performed, including the carefully revising of native model textures.

Please find a full changelog here:
- AI sea travel bugs fixed
- Fixed Church's Tithe
- Fixed player kingdom vassals recruiting 'x'-named troops
- You can no longer build a castle on an island without port, beach or harbour to prevent AI travel bugs.
- Fixed empty inventories of tavern merchants (book sellers, jihad, crusader merchants)
- Heathen temples are now destroyable
- Fixed infinite harvesting wheat
- Fixed gold not being removed from player when building a farm
- Town options are no longer locked for players with rescue prisoner quest
- Smithy's grindstone will now add prestige and XP
- Added flag to mounted gunners so they use their firearms now
- Replaced 'Jihadist' word by 'Mujahed' for better historical accuracy
- Moved Plate Armour from tailor's items to blacksmith's ones
- Fixed non-controllable overhead thrust spear animation
- Added flag to make the Slaver Chief use his horse
- Fixed some freezes
- No more ships stuck at Zendar or other harbours
- Restored distance for AI lords joining battles to default value.
- Players no longer pay for lords in exile at player's court
- Fixed village building message hold: 'please, move yourself another 999 cm.'
- Fixed bug where AI parties might reinforce foreign centers.
- Negative effects of traits at dialogue are applied 1x now
- Fixed bug when cutting a tree and message appears that sawpits are full, while they're empty.
- Fixed infinite wood sawing //needs testing
- Fixed budget screen miscalculation, war tax was subtracted twice.
- Fixed guildmaster dialogue where you can buy an enterprise without applying for apprenticeship
- Fixed bandits not appearing at Kidnapped Girl quest
- Fixed selling prices for tradegoods. Materials like stone and timber are no longer sold for super low prices and gold is more
worth than silver now.
- Melting ore will now grant prestige points
- Mine collapse will now have a 75% chance of removing ores and ingots, instead of removing all.
- Disabled flagbearers when fighting inside a castle
- Added workaround to fix player being stuck at (Hierosolyma) siege when freelancing //needs testing
- No longer swinging with pikes
- Disabled switch to sword for pikemen (game keeps reverting back to pike somehow...)
- Increased player's party support at village fight with bandits.
- Fixed freelancer bug where the player asks to return from vacation and there's no way out if relation is below 0.
- Pope's dialogue for asking player to go on crusader is now prioritized besides other dialogues.
- Fixed new troop tiers from appearing at towns when kingdom hasn't reached the appropriate tech lvl yet.
- The woodcutter's axe will now be removed from the player's hand upon breaking it.
- Disabled option to revert to native tournament arena
- Moved craftable mail/plate armour at the tailor's workhop to the smith's.
- The player now buys a charter for the use of forests/mines from the sovereign if the nearby center isn't granted to a lord yet.
- Fixed option appearing at crusader/jihad camp to join the campaign in case player is leading it.
- Corrected traits gain upon chosing options with regards to cathar's sect.
- If the player is either delivering a letter, invited for a feast or invited to swear vassalage, the guards will let him enter the castle now.
- Fixed delivering ale/wine to new world
- No more war tax or church's tithe if player is a freelancer
- Fixed typo's at pope's dialogue for crusade
- Fixed colony fort gatehouse texture
- Fixed weird traits for Rhodok and Sarranid lords
- Corrected jungle texts, displaying location.
- Added more code to prevent raining in interior scenes \\needs testing
- Player can now enter enemy streets if he's performing a quest to meet an enemy spy.
- Fixed Trade Convoy and village farmer parties disappearing from map when using sea travel
- Resized crossbow models
- A feast in Mithridias will now take in a separate scene to avoid a CTD
- Fixed freelancer bug where vacation quest can't be completed, because lord has been defeated in battle and thus temporarily disappeared.
- All Agonic lords are now Christian, some following a 'false' religion is no longer allowed.
- Acztaocs now don't declare war upon mainland kingdoms and vice versa to prevent an invasion
- Added code to prevent cannoneers spawning outside the scene boundaries
- Option added to craft a new ship rather than buying one in the New World.


- Added pirates at fixed points in the Old & New World
- Added hostile tribesmen as parties in the New World
- Added awesome loot for pirates and tribesmen
- Added galleon ship model for battle scene
- Added Council Constable
* Ask for report about army strength
* Send/remove patrols
- Introduced abandoned mines on world map
* Repair for 15,000 to get small weekly profit

- Improved world geographical map by rounding coast edges
- New icons for Acztaocs and tribesmen parties.
- The kingdom's budget screen will now follow right after the personal budget screen
- Replaced Mithridias' castle battle scene to reduce burden on pc
- Seeds are more abundant now
- Added several warnings/hint messages on screen ingame (inventory is full, press enter for kingdom's finances...)
- Added prestige points for mining iron, silver and gold
- Masterpiece chance is now increased by 3 each day you work.
- Greatly redone the Cathars
* Added Cathar Crossbowmen and a Cathar Leader
* Reduced amount of Cathar Extremists, but the parties are larger.
* Added option to pray (5 piety points required, 50% chance to escape)
- Added corrections/additions to the script that makes units use their pikes in battle //tested
- Ranged units will now draw swords when the enemy is closer than 7 meters and reequip ranged items when the enemy is
further than 900 meters //tested
- No crusade is called if there are 3 or more wars between Christians. If not and crusade is launched, the kingdoms will make
peace for the greater good. This is to prevent crusaders from fighting each other.
- Added Calradic troops for recruitments at towns
- Player can join the crusade only if he's a nobleman now
- Greatly balanced the prices of tradegoods, items and intermediates at the tailor
- Reduced bloom effects from wooden materials.
- Completely revised the way of gaining traits
* Your actions increase the chance of gaining good/bad traits
* Chance is lowered weekly
* The way to gain traits by selecting options corresponding to a story stays, but will trigger much less frequently.
- Peace negotations will now be less frequently and wars more
- Completely overhauled ingame textures and native models
- Option added to craft ships in New World, when having no ships. Costs 48 hours to craft. Options to buy/sell are removed.

- Goods in Acztaocs towns may show the cost in gold, but you're supposed to pay with cocoa beans. It's merely an exchange of
- Conquered towns in the New world cannot be managed like the towns in the Old World, they're merely large colonies.

- Lords attacking player's colonies feature is disabled for now.



© Quintillius - Nova Aetas

You can download the latest version with Steam:

Please wait before the mod is fully uploaded to ModdB to download it from there as well.

Have fun!

Its a good night I say. I watched the Game of Thrones final (astonishing), now the upload. i have many reasons to be happy :smile:. Toworrow, from the dawn i shall play it :grin:. the mod, not the got :wink:. Thank you so much!!!
sabatonsky said:
Its a good night I say. I watched the Game of Thrones final (astonishing), now the upload. i have many reasons to be happy :smile:. Toworrow, from the dawn i shall play it :grin:. the mod, not the got :wink:. Thank you so much!!!

Same here, watched GoT at the morning, now i have the update at the night. Feels Good Man
ModdB version up.

Have fun!
Quintillius said:
ModdB version up.

Have fun!

Hi there, I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, but I got killed and it says "everyone charge!" my teammates manage to finish off the enemies, but I still lost the battle "Your forces was utterly crushed"
Hello Quintilius, I played your mod a lot back in the day, I believe it was version 3.0 or something.
Can you please tell me where can I find a changelog for the last version, for 5.0 ? thank you
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