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What feature do you mostly want to add?

  • Religions Improvements: pray, spendable Piety Points, branches, deeper immersion

    Votes: 89 19.7%
  • Offices: town/guild/kingdom council, vote for tax level/more profit, war/peace

    Votes: 235 52.0%
  • Revised Traits: more traits, buy/train traits, gain upon actions

    Votes: 128 28.3%

  • Total voters

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I can't wait until I can play this! I'm going to do a fancy run through, where me and my companions will travel in the finest luxuries in all of Calradia.
Hype  :party: On a semi-related note I saw the 4.0 cannon video the other day—the recoil and camera-shake is superb! Are there more of these fancy costumes in-game? September 1st conveniently falls in the middle of my holiday away from work, so I know how I'll be spending it...


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Yeah I like it too. You should hear the sound, it's so hard  :smile:.

Yes around 30 Renaissance costumes, 30 feathered headwear and 10 boots.

Developing & testing the crafting feature has finished!

- Workshop crafting
	* Four workshops: blacksmith, carpenter, church and tailor
	* Craft every weapon, armour, gauntlets, boots and more
	* Craft tradegoods for sale
	* Unique: you'll need to manufacture every intermediate good 
	and combine them to craft the full item. 
	* Every intermediate good requires a series of processes accompanied
	with unique skeletal animations and machinery animations
	* Every workshop is unique and has its own cool stuff
	* Blacksmith can craft:
		- Tradegoods (tools)
		- Intermediates (dozens)
		- Swords
		- Axes
		- Polearms
		- Maces
		- Plate/mail armour
		- Plate/mail helmets
		- Plate/mail gauntlets
		- Plate/mail footwear
		- Bullets
		- Steel shields
	* Carpenters can craft:
		- Tradegoods (stool, cabinet)
		- Intermediates (dozens)
		- Ranged (bow, crossbow, firearms)
		- Arrows & bolts
		- Wooden Shields
	* Church can:
		- Tradegoods (rossary, letter of indulgence, ...)
		- Intermediates (many)
		- Church goods (hosts)
		- Learning books
		- Hold sermon (represents realistic catholic sermon)
	* Tailor/tannery can craft:		
		- Tradegoods (cloth, ...)
		- Intermediates (wool cloth, linen, velvet, shirt, sleeves, ...)
		- Leather armour
		- Leather boots
		- Leather stuff
		- Gambesons 
		- Other headwear
	* As member of the Guild you have unique access to the intern market. 
	Look here to buy semigoods and rare items.
	* Pointers guide you with the manufacturing proces, you can 
	disable them at the tutorial menu
	* The goods can be sold for 20% profit directly due to fixed 
	prices offered by the Guild (calculation: costs of goods + 20% 
	of final buying price). You can also choose to keep the item.

Also you can now gain prestige as member of the middle/upper class by having a positive budget surplus. +5 per 1,000 Florins. But beware
if you're in debt, you'll lose prestige. If you want to craft the new Renaissance uniforms, you should look under tailor -> gambesons =)

I'm so excited. I can't wait to prance around the place in slashed velvet and a feathered hat, selling spices and furs. It sounds like for the first time Nova Aetas will make it a legitimate play-style to actually spend a long time *not* fighting. I may not even bother collecting a war-party until I've explored the Guild II/crafting options. Congrats on the beautiful feature list so far!


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WillieTheWolf said:
Will we be able to import the characters from our previous saves? What stats are retained? Thanks
I dunno. You can try, but I've added a new skill. I hope it doesn't mess up the import.


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I can confirm that importing a character from a mod without, for example, foraging and entertainment  skills to a mod that has foraging and entertainment skills, imports the character just fine and just gives you 0 skill points in said skills. Importing from a mod that has foraging to a mod without it works fine too.


Dear sir, i suppose that  is  quite early for that but though still, i am interested of the possibility  to explore  not only the New World. What about  mysterious  East? It would  be  interesting  to  become Marco Polo and visit the Chinese, Korean and Japanese empires, trade their precious silk and spread  the  word  of  God among  the  pagans. And, probably,  kill them all one day.

2. Aztaocs doesn't  have ladies? Poor bastards.
3. Will be there new extra outfits for the 17th century?


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Good to hear, anigman96.

Discovering the east would require more scene props and outfits which further increase the loading time of Nova Aetas which is already long  :lol:.
Besides it requires the map to be extended which can't be done other than redrawing all. But I like the idea. I thought myself of
adding a menu. Just a menu option to visit the foreign countries. Maybe even the forbidden city? But again... the loading times!

We're near the limits of new content. Adding more content wouldn't outweight the burden of long loading times at a particular point.

2. No nation besides the original six have. I'm too lazy to add them + it would require 100+ entries which I find too much while extra ladies
don't really add much to gameplay.

3. More outfits? There are already 20+ costumes and armour sets.

I hope you guys are curious to the mechanics of ingame crafting machinery. They're all historical and accurately as possible. All retrieved from
viewing YouTube vids on historical re-enactment events. The weaving loom for example is based on this principle and exactly recreated:


You can exactly see how it works. I've added a extra worker in the tailor who's weaving day and night.
Other machinery ingame:

The mod is near release. Checking the last 15 pages of the bugs thread is all what's left to do =).

Spread the hype, tell your friends about the release. Bump this subboard, spam messages on YouTube and ModdB. Nova Aetas is coming for ya!

Spent most of the weekend watching videos of Nova Aetas 3.0.2 like the lazy bore I am, then booted up a new Nova Aetas game in anticipation for 4.0. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that, despite my initial scepticism, the new price modifiers on trade goods (e.g. fine, old etc.) do actually make trading more profitable. That's got me even more psyched for a trader/craftsman character in 4.0! Good luck, Quintilius.
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