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What feature do you mostly want to add?

  • Religions Improvements: pray, spendable Piety Points, branches, deeper immersion

    Votes: 89 19.7%
  • Offices: town/guild/kingdom council, vote for tax level/more profit, war/peace

    Votes: 235 52.0%
  • Revised Traits: more traits, buy/train traits, gain upon actions

    Votes: 128 28.3%

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I'm on track with the development of v4.0. I need to view 20 pages of bug reports + implement the tailor & tannery workshop + polishing the new features.  :grin:


Master Knight
- Kingdom player troops now use ranged weapons and horses properly. Equipping custom 
troops however requires you to equip existing archers with bows.
- If the player sieges a town, other besiegers will now help player \\needs testing
- Fixed Turguhns from disappearing // tested for 20 ingame days, they didn't disappear!
- Crusade/Jihad armies now leave Hierosolyma if it is in their hands or in player's hands
  (for example if a random lord or the player conquers it)
- Fixed animations so battle flags no longer mess up to all directions.
- Freelancer feature gives you bread and water now.
- Fixed Restore Papacy event triggering every day
- Language errors fixed
- Returning after vacation now completes associated quest \\needs testing
- No longer 'visit nearby dock' for Zendar
- Slaves can now be obtained from battles and only from Acztaoc armies
- Fixed player still wielding tool after it breaks
- Far landscape with mountains no longer disappear partly on large maps
- Fixed fault in freelancer script giving player no water
- Fixed prices for crusader/jihad troops
- Beards allowed for most open helmets now
- Fixed player icon not turning into ship on sea
- Fixed slaver chief not having legs
- Fixed far mountains being darkish in a scene (snowy mountains, desert hills)
- Fixed player being not able to enter Hierosolyma after conquering and after not
assigned a lord yet.
- Added extra check to prevent AI lords from joining player's party
- Removed colonists from colony scene (the ones who're standing in rows)
- Zendar siege scene fixed.
- Player now pays wages for garrisoned troops in colonies too.
- Fixed bug where player rents and then buys property, but still pay rent.
- No longer able to upgrade to/from cathars
- Rescue prisoner quest: lord is now freed and player actually pays gold.
- Fixed and tested wrong entry points for village/bandits spawning
- Improved village AI pathfinding
- Moved Ptaxia to fix pathfinding issue
- No longer tournaments for Acztaocs
- No longer cattle missions to new world
- Chests in cave with ropebridge were missing, I re-added them
- Odd riding animation removed
- Fixed missing siege scenes for Aztlan and Ixtepexi
- Checked some castles in Sarranid desert and New World (thanks to Gladiatre)
- Added extra triggers to prevent game from going to Stage III in colony's
construction menu when trying to build the thatched shack.
- Fixed blacksmith building needed resources not meeting requirements
according to the description
- Fixed accessing Zendar harbour via a common harbour
- Fixed disembarking on a strand with your ship and 
then leaving via the harbour. Leave either via your ship at strand or harbour.
- New scene for Acztaoc villages
- Fixed conversation background for sea farers being on land.
- Fixed native village farmers in New World wearing Old World dress
- Caravan convoys of Acztaocs no longer have Calradian guards
- No longer being stuck in dialogue upon asking for personal leave
- No longer need to take prisoners in order to rescue men after a battle
- Fixed bug where player becomes Christian instead of Jewish when 
talking to Rabbi
- Fixed bug with messy greeting dialogues with lords.
- Fixed broken feature of extra flag for nobility and kings
- Fixed renaissance townhalls for other factions than Western ones
- If you own the castle nearby a forest/quarry, you can now freely gather materials
- Fixed crusader lords being naked after crusade

- Powerful swords rebalanced (30 strength required now, was 45)
- Slaves now cost 100 instead of 500 Fl.
- Reduced damage for heavy tournament weapons from 30-40 to 25-30.
- All amounts for town management are divided by 10, no longer large amounts to
- Atheism now instantly provide 2 intelligence points.
- Nerfed Noregr skills for balance
- Hugely lowered chance of events for towns/villages to appear (theft, plague, ...)
- Doubled effect and cost of improving relationship with vassal (+20 now) 
- Hunting now gives 50% chance to get raw leather if you kill more than 2
- New death animations
- Cathars will no longer spawn as bandits in infested villages
- Hugely rebalanced Zendar, Agonics, Acztaocs, Turguhns and Papals
to have less garrisons and numerical superiority. Towns have around 400 soldiers now.
- Removed barriers in Acztaoc towns/castles. Players can now join the Acztaoc and 
visit markets, talk freely with lords and more.
- Disabled town and village management for New World
- Titles available for every faction now including for player if they join a city-state
- New sounds for firearms
- Added extra upgrade troop for Acztaoc bowman (trained bowman)
- You'll now need to pay 1,500 Fl. if you want to be relieved from duty
(freelancer). This is to prevent an exploit.
- New firearms sounds
- Conquistadors can now rename Acztaoc settlements and colonies they own
- Noregr is now numerical weaker than the Union, because they have 2 towns
- Fixed bug where only recuits can be trained at towns and castles
- Now you can recruit troops at castles and towns for every faction ingame.
- Rabbi's now travel to taverns to be better accessible
- Synagogue now always accessible if you're Jewish
- Options added to remove colonists follower's party
- Reduced time for tournaments after player dies to move onto next round 
to 10s (cannot be lower due to errors)
- Doubled prices for native jewelry

- Shaved off 200 MB by making textures smaller (helmets, boots, gauntlets, firearms and shields)
- Shaved off 75 MB by removing unused textures
- New models/textures for trees
- New ground textures
- New grass models and textures
- Fixed no uniform lighting for outer terrain (dark/light mountains e.g.)
- Fixed weird lights/shaders in indoor scenes
- New models and textures for arrows and bolts

- Workshop crafting
	* Four workshops: blacksmith, carpenter, church and tailor
	* Craft every weapon, armour, gauntlets, boots and more
	* Craft tradegoods for sale
	* Unique: you'll need to manufacture every intermediate good 
	and combine them to craft the full item. 
	* Every intermediate good requires a series of processes accompanied
	with unique skeletal animations and machinery animations
	* Every workshop is unique and has its own cool stuff
	* Blacksmith can craft:
		- Tradegoods (tools)
		- Intermediates (dozens)
		- Swords
		- Axes
		- Polearms
		- Maces
		- Plate/mail armour
		- Plate/mail helmets
		- Plate/mail gauntlets
		- Plate/mail footwear
		- Bullets
		- Steel shields
	* Carpenters can craft:
		- Tradegoods (stool, cabinet)
		- Intermediates (dozens)
		- Ranged (bow, crossbow, firearms)
		- Arrows & bolts
		- Wooden Shields
	* Church can:
		- Tradegoods (rossary, letter of indulgence, ...)
		- Intermediates (many)
		- Church goods (hosts)
		- Learning books
		- Hold sermon (represents realistic sermon)
	* Tailor/tannery can craft:		
		- Tradegoods (cloth, ...)
		- Intermediates (dozens)
		- Leather armour
		- Leather boots
		- Leather gloves
		- Leather boots
	* Pointers guide you with the manufacturing proces, you can 
	disable them at the tutorial menu
	* The goods can be sold for 20% profit directly due to fixed 
	prices offered by the Guild (calculation: costs of goods + 20% 
	of final buying price). You can also choose to keep the item.
- Revised quarry/forest
	* Go mine three different types of ores and stone in the quarries:
		- Stone
		- Iron ore		
		- Silver ore
		- Gold ore
	* Don't hate me if you mine pyrite ore instead of gold ore
	* Mine collapses often, so it's dangerous to work there
	* New correct 'clang' sounds and accompanying particles effects
	* Smelt ores in the furnace to create ingots for sale
	* Ores appear random in the mines and are rare of course
	* New animations for falling cut trees at the forest
	* Fallen trees will now appear as log at the sawpit
	* Saw this log for timber and be happy you're on the log, not under
- Artillery (max. 6 in battles)
	* Hire cannoneers at taverns and put cannons into your inventory
	* Cannons will spawn on battlefield
	* Cannoneers will find enemy and shoot
	* Use Warband 'hold fire' function to stop shooting
	* Use 'stand ground', 'charge' and more to shoot again
	* Hold F1 function to manually set shoot target
	* AI will have cannons too
	* Cannoneers are mercenaries and can be upgraded 2x
	* Skilled cannoneers can do their job faster
	* Cannons spawn with stakes for a bit defence
	* Cannonballs will have true physics, landing twice on 
	the battlefield and wreak havoc all between them.
	* You can manually shoot the cannon
		- Use arrow keys to position it
		- Take control, load and fire the cannon
	* You can disable artillery or affect how many are spawned
- Improved town management
	* Town management system of Medieval II is carefully replicated 
	* Build 75 unique buildings divided in 15 different tiers
	* Rebalance the various powers in your city to gain access
	to unique bonuses or penalties
	* Complex background scripts calculate growth, available recruits, 
	income, religious uniformity and more
	* Each building has its own unique bonuses either improving income, 
	religious uniformity, growth or adding more building/training slots
	* Each city has 6 phases ranging from Town to Huge City, depending on
	population size. If you reach the appropriate population level you 
	can enter the next phase and gain access to new buildings
	* Recruit all available troops at the recruitment tab, this 
	applies for every faction
	* Barracks give access to infantry, stables to cavalry and
	ranges to ranged units. Improve these buildings to gain 
	more recruitable types
	* Desert cultures have their own unique cards and pictures
	* If your treasury is too high (>100,000) you'll get increased
	corruption which can even result in negative income
	* Scripts increase growth in case you suck at town 
	management and growth falls below zero with only 2000 population or less
	* Town news added to give you information about latest updates
	* Detailed information about income, growth, uniformity changes
	and balance of power effects. You can track down every single detail.
	* Build churches, temples, mosques, synagogues or shamanistic shrines according 
	to your religion. If you follow Atheism, you'll need to build appropriate temples 
	for the faction leader's religion or otherwise the town's religion
- Towns now change religion to yours if religious uniformity is >75%, unless 
you're Atheist.
- Bombs
	* Buy and throw deadly bombs
	* Explosion death animation throws people away
	* Large & small bombs with different radius of impact
- More reference books added
- You can now join the Acztaocs
	* Gain prisoners in war and sell them at towns for prestige and cocoa beans
	* Cocoa beans are the main currency, Acztaoc merchants no longer have coins
	* You must exchange your coins for cocoa beans upon entering Acztaoc centers
- Two new consumables added
	* Maize (Acztaocs only)
	* Chocolate drink (Acztaocs only)
- New Acztaoc titles:
	* Lizard
	* Serpent
	* Coyote 
	* Cougar
	* Crocodile
	* Eagle
	* Jaguar
- Culture specific stock
	* Every culture now sells it own goods. Nordic towns sell 
	  nordic swords, axes, Rhodoks sell morions, Sarranids sell
	  Islamic stuff
	* Applies to goods as well
	* Applies to religious items too
- No resupply in enemy towns/villages
	* Doors of arena, tavern and marketplace are closed if
		- You have -30 or less relationship with faction
		- You have -1 or less relationship
		- It opens however if relationship with lord is 4 or more
- You can now build up to 6 castles
- Converted most of numbers showing in text to numbers with comma's
- You can now fire commissioners

- Stupid colony buildings bonuses shifted down
- Extra flag for crusaders/jihads seems to be not working any more
- Freezes

- You can take prisoners in battle. Choose "Take them prisoner" and pick the troops
you want in the following screen.

- "Vals 2", música de Mario Viñuela (played at Mithridias)
- OSP - GetAssista's stone lobbing script
- OSP - Narushima's [Anim] Realistic musket animations

© Quintillius - Nova Aetas


Uh great! I will have a ~50 hour work week for the next 20 days! I will litterly not be able to play it :shock:.
Oh well, I suppose I will just download the mod and play it after I am done with work.


The solution is to dress a scarecrow up in your clothing and have your coworkers pretend he's you infront of the boss.


Master Knight
MrMundy said:
Uh great! I will have a ~50 hour work week for the next 20 days! I will litterly not be able to play it :shock:.
Oh well, I suppose I will just download the mod and play it after I am done with work.
I will have a 40 hour work week + 3,75 hour travelling for the next six months. But I'll free time for Nova Aetas  :razz:.


Dear Quintillius, is there a legendary type of the firearms, alike king Harlaus II's sword?
  Like Flintlock revolver (with repeating cartridge) or double-barreled wheellock carbine, which could be taken by quest, found out in some chest or can be crafted?
Quintillius, are there any features in this mod that require WSE to work or does everything this mod has work on regular warband?
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