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What feature do you mostly want to add?

  • Religions Improvements: pray, spendable Piety Points, branches, deeper immersion

    Votes: 89 19.7%
  • Offices: town/guild/kingdom council, vote for tax level/more profit, war/peace

    Votes: 235 52.0%
  • Revised Traits: more traits, buy/train traits, gain upon actions

    Votes: 128 28.3%

  • Total voters

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Holy **** Quintillius, what are you, a modding God? I love Medieval 2, one of the best, if not *the* best,  Total War game. Good work, I'm really enjoying the current version, can't wait for 4.0.

Could you give a hint on the stage of the progress, that is, when could we expect it to be done? Take your time though, and good luck with it


Recruitment process in towns alike in Medieval II either, there more folks the PC will send to the trenches to die for your cause the less is the town's population and less the prosperity (workers are taken to the army etc).
  Though, is there elements of vanilla remaining?
    (I.e. If many battles around the town is fought and/or villages in town's suburbs are looted by foe the prosperity of the town is brought down)


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My deadline is September 1st. So stay tuned, only a month left!

I didn't mess with the original prosperity system so that's still active.


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Quintillius said:
Time to post a new screenie:


The two buttons called weekly calc and daily calc are only for developing purposes, so you cannot speed up the progress .
Constructing buildings in towns will be very similar to Medieval II. In fact I try to copy it. Simply because it is the best game I've ever played. I even believe that this menu is far more advanced than Medieval II. There are 6 town levels ranging from a small town to a huge city. These types have its own unique buildings as you you in the first slot above. These require a certain population level and give access to higher tier buildings. Very important if you want to build advanced barracks. Every building is part of a 5-tier building tree.

Some buildings give income boost, other religious conversion boost. Some allow recruitment of either infantry, cavalry or ranged troops. Taverns and farms add to growth rate. Castles allow more buildings/troops to be recruited simultaneously. Recruiting troops works in the same way as Medieval II by the way. There are clickable cards. I have also added a details tab. So you can exactly see how the growth is calculated and which effects of the power of balance are applied and which are not. For example if the nobility holds 40% or more power, you can issue edicts.

Waoouuuuuuu!!! Splendid!!!


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Update: Improved Town Management

We all played Medieval II at any time in our childhood. We all remember it to be one of the greatest
games ever. Its gameplay is legendary. Its atmosphere fabulous! That's why it has come to my mind to
recreate the whole management feature in Warband. Ladies and gentlemen, I present you:

* Town management system of Medieval II is carefully replicated
* Build 75 unique buildings divided in 15 different tiers
* Rebalance the various powers in your city to gain access
to unique bonuses or penalties
* Complex background scripts calculate growth, available recruits,
income, religious uniformity and more
* Each building has its own unique bonuses either improving income,
religious uniformity, growth or adding more building/training slots
* Each city has 6 phases ranging from Town to Huge City, depending on
population size. If you reach the appropriate population level you
can enter the next phase and gain access to new buildings
* Recruit all available troops at the recruitment tab, this
applies for every faction
* Barracks give access to infantry, stables to cavalry and
ranges to ranged units. Improve these buildings to gain
more recruitable types
* Desert cultures have their own unique cards and pictures
* If your treasury is too high (>100,000) you'll get increased
corruption which can even result in negative income
* Scripts increase growth in case you suck at town
management and growth falls below zero with only 2000 population or less
* Town news added to give you information about latest updates
* Detailed information about income, growth, uniformity changes
and balance of power effects. You can track down every single detail.
        * I know that players can player Medieval II for 250+ turns. But playing Warband for 250+ weeks
        is less common. So there're multiple slots available to recruit/build stuff. I still think
        this gameplay is endless. The total construction time of all buildings is 1297 days, divided over 6 slots
      makes it 31 weeks to build everything... but only if you do not recruit, if you have a phase 6 city,
      with Citadel building and enough money.  :smile:

You want to see the pics eh?  :smile:
Just have a bit patience.
They're in the next spoiler  :shifty:
Just one further  :iamamoron:



This is so good !

Great work ! :grin:
I have some questions in mind because I am making a little submod to correct some things (for myself firstly, maybe I'll release it if you agree).

1)Is it possible to deeply modify trooptrees (in 3.0.2 and in the future 4.0) without causing any problem with scripts? Can I make a version without tiers 2 and 3 troops (firearms)?

2)I have the impression that with a low weapon proficiency I am able to swing faster (as well as the ennemy) than in native and in other mods I played. Did you modify something at this lvl? (Just to know to avoid OP characters)

3)Is there a way to modify traits without loading the module system? How does it work?

4)How Calrad units are working? Can I add a troop (like "Eagle of the Legion" for example) and it will be available in the game?

5)Is there a chance that the "great bug" disappear in the next version or should I try harder to solve the reason? I have a free month.

6)Add/remove items will not alter the good functionment of the game? (I'm pretty sure that no but just in case)

7)A last question : there are about 100 music names in the music file (not folder) of the module, can I use these names to add musics?

Thank you in advance :grin:



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1) Using troop editor doesn't cause any problem. You'll still need to start a new game if you edit the troop's inventory though.

2) I didn't modify it.

3) There is no other way.

4) You can edit the troop's stats and inventory and name to add a Eagle of Legion. But you'll need to sacrifice a troop.

5) There's a chance. It's a really awful bug  :sad:. I've never encountered it... but some guys play 40 weeks and didn't encounter anything. Other have
the bug within the first week. I need to be able to reproduce the bug manually in order to fix it. Thanks for spending some of your time
to help me. It will help greatly I hope =).

6) Of course not. But you need to start a new game in order to add the effects.

7) Yes. Just add a new file. But make sure the extension is the same. If it is .ogg, make sure your file is .ogg too. You can
easily convert it online.

No problem, just ask if you want.


1. I know it's picky, but I think there is a small error in the third picture, where it says "(X) Nobility (7 less days to proclaim edict)", shouldn't this be, "7 Fewer days to proclaim edict."?

2. Furthermore, is there any way to see a unit's stats from the recruitment scene? Or would you have to refer to the troop trees?

Anyway, it's looking great! Thanks for all your work.


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hirtol said:
1. I know it's picky, but I think there is a small error in the third picture, where it says "(X) Nobility (7 less days to proclaim edict)", shouldn't this be, "7 Fewer days to proclaim edict."?



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Ouch, thanks. I'll change it. My English is not my native language.

I'll add a button leading to the troop note to satisfy your need for viewing the troop stats.


Quintillius said:
Update: Improved Town Management

You want to see the pics eh?  :smile:
Just have a bit patience.
They're in the next spoiler  :shifty:
Just one further  :iamamoron:

Over 9000 level of trolling was compensated by fine screens )
  I know that there is opportunity to choose the titles and accept the one or another culture with troops.
1. Is there the liberty to call the PC  the Protector or Doje or Stateholder and set up the Republic if the player wants, with edicts and effects? Alike were Holland and England in their time. Aristocratic titles is not necessary to remove, for example Willem the Prince of Oranje and Oliver Cromwell did not abolish the aristocracy, they abolish the kings (in some way).
I mean, seriously, screw the kings.

2. Is the culture effect on custom troops?
3. Is there possibility to set up very own culture and customise troops by it?


Quintillius said:
Ouch, thanks. I'll change it. My English is not my native language.

I'll add a button leading to the troop note to satisfy your need for viewing the troop stats.

Thank you very much!


Looks amazing! Will we be able to build defensive buildings? (if that already was in one of the former screens, my appologies.)

Whats that omnious "great bug"?
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