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What feature do you mostly want to add?

  • Religions Improvements: pray, spendable Piety Points, branches, deeper immersion

    Votes: 90 19.8%
  • Offices: town/guild/kingdom council, vote for tax level/more profit, war/peace

    Votes: 235 51.6%
  • Revised Traits: more traits, buy/train traits, gain upon actions

    Votes: 130 28.6%

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My name is Quintillius. I am the Mod Developer of
Europe 1805 II [MB]. After 1 year and 24 days
of development, the mod was finally released. Now, a few months later,
I could no longer resist the urge to model & texture. So I decided to
work onto a new mod. Namely: Nova Aetas.


Nova Aetas is set in the world of Calradia, but in a later period.
The Old Medieval World is vanishing. A New Era is coming and you, the player,
will experience this. Nova Aetas is Latin for A New Era.
The main targets are realism & extended gameplay. I also want to highlight
the civil part of the game. Building & managing will become vital features.

Latest version:



Complete List of Features
Nova Aetas modification for Warband

  • Click to see PDF


    - Completely revised kingdom armies

    * New unique weapons, horses, armour, banners and troops for

      * Kingdom of Swadia
      * Vaegir Tsardom   
      * Nordic Union
      * Kingdom of Rhodoks
      * Sarranid Sultanate

    - Hundreds of new items and more

    * 220 new weapons (swords, pikes, axes, daggers, coloured lances, firearms)
    * 280 new armour items (Crusader, Teutonic, 15th century, 16th century)
    * 50 new types of animals (new horses, camels, boars)
    * 265 new helmets (crowns, morions, bascinets, barbuta’s, closed helmets)
    * 80 new shields
    * New trading goods (ivory, cotton, cloth, coffee, sugar, tobacco, slaves)
    * New map icons
    * Additional pictures for menus
    * Hundreds of new scene props

    - New siege experience
    * New walls, gates, towers and other siege props for Swadia,
      Rhodoks, Vaegirs, Sarranids and Khergits

    - New animations

    *  Overhand attack for spears
    * Hold spears and pikes straigth up
    * No longer running with swords flapping around
    * Caution effect

    - Graphical enhancements

    * Complete texture overhaul, realistic colours and graphics
    * Horizon improvements to enhance the illusion of bigger maps.

    - Technological advancements

    * Over time kingdoms will advance in technology
    * These technology stages will provide bonusses for all troops and unlock new troop tiers

    - Sea Travel

    * You can sail with a ship on sea
    * 5 sea battle scenes + 1 ashore scene
    * All AI parties can travel by water
    * Drowning: no longer getting stuck on the bottom, you will drown

    - Rebirth of Zendar

    * New faction: Merchant Republic of Zendar
    * Leader is called Doge and has unique armour
    * Zendar has a great harbour, the gate to the New World
    * Buy different types of ships, each with its own price and member capacity 

      * Cog
      * Caravel
      * Carrack
      * Galleon

    * Each ship costs maintenance which is calculated automatically in the weekly budget overview
    * You need to buy ships to carry you and your party members, each ship has its own capacity

    - Resources & Building

    * New resources added (timber, tools, bricks, marble)
    * Buildings and colonies need these resources

    - Religion

    * 5 different religions: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Norse Paganism, Tengriism
    * Choose at start which religion you want (Atheism included)
    * Strength of Faith increases your intelligence attribute, gold, xp and influence points
    * Visit a church, mosque, synagogue, shrine or temple
    * You can convert to a religion, pray and pay donations to priests
    * AI kings, lords, princesses and pretenders have religion too (currently only aesthetically purpose)
    * Holy Artifacts increase Strength of Faith (Bible, Cross, Quran, Rings)

    - Agonic Order

    * This Christian faction is based on the Teutonic Order, Minas Tirith (LOTR) and Hohenzollern Castle
    * New troops with unique Teutonic / Crusader armour, weapons and horses:

      * Agonic Recruit
      * Militia
      * Pikeman
      * Halbbruder
      * Dismounted Ritterbruder
      * Archer
      * Ismerian Crossbowman
      * Prusenian Sharpshooter
      * Diendebruder
      * Ritterbruder
      * Knight of Christ

    * Capital Drachenburg is a unique grand castle with its own architecture
    * Complex beacon feature. There are 7 beacons in the mountains which can be lit
    * Light one of these and all beacons will be lit, the last one is the Tower of Istmus, which is the beacon of Drachenburg. Light a medium fire to request 10 troops, light a big fire to request 50 troops. It costs renown
    * These troops help you during the campaign, but are not permanent. They disappear after a week

    - Hierarchy

    * Medieval hierarchy system of Lower, Middle, Upper and Noble Classes
    * These are divided in 11 subclasses  ranging from Freemen to Patrician, including Citizen and Gentryman
    * Noble class grants 7 different titles from a simple Baron to Archduke
    * Every Native faction has its own unique title. Become Jarl in the Nordic lands, be a Knyaz and serve the Tsar or become
      Tumetu-iin Noyan, commander of 10,000 Khergit soldiers
    * Ingame lords will have titles too, completely randomly assigned
    * Gain Prestige Points to increase in social class
    * Every noble lord and player will have a small flag above their banners, depicting their noble rank for ease
    * Your noble title is shown in dialogues with AI persons

    - Influence

    * Influence Points are points you can gain from lords, invest these points in return of 
      some AI actions!

    Get influence points by:
      * Bribing
      * Donating money
      * Buy a gift and give it (the better your trade skill, the less it costs)
      * Persuading (most effective and increased skill = increased chance)
      * You get influence weekly. Amount depends on your class and religion strength

    Spend your Influence Points to lords
      * Let lord follow player
      * Let lord follow someone
      * Increase your relation with lord
      * Join faction – even if your current faction is at war
      * Order him to raid an enemy village!
      * Order him to return to a town
      * Influence him to attack a party
      * Control him to siege a town!
      * Order lords of your faction and… foreign lords! They take more Influence Points to control.
        You can even control enemy lords if you want! But they take 3x standard amount of Influence Points to control.
        The only lords who cannot be influenced are faction leaders

    - Housing

    * Buy, rent or rent out a house
    * 6 different types of residents

      * Shack
      * Appartment Room
      * Laborer House
      * Patrician Mansion
      * Noble Great House
      * Town Palace

    * Different buying/renting values per town, lasting for week. No longer single vast price
    * You can visit your home and warm your hands at the fireplace
    * Weekly rent will be paid or received at weekly report
    * 4 property slots per town
    * Different interior scenes for Swadia and Sarranids

    - Turguhn Horde invades

    * New horde added to the game, based on the Timurids
    * Unique troop types, armour, weapons and Turguhn leader outfit
    * After 10 weeks this horde will invade Calradia, being a nightmare in the lands of the Sarranid Sultanate and Khergit Khanate

    - Resurrect the Calradic Empire

    * Restore Empire with name and banner
    * Become Emperor
    * Get access to

      * Calrad Legionnaires
      * Calrad Centurions
      * Calrad Velites
      * Calrad Equites

    - Restore the Ancient Ruins

    * You can restore the capital of the Calradic Empire
    * You can visit the ruins and after restoration, look at the marble

    - Gather resources

    * Various forest and stone quarry locations on world map
    * Acquire a charter from the nobleman to use one of these places
    * Equip yourself a pickaxe or woodcutter’s axe
    * Cut down trees or quarry stone to obtain resources

    - Start your own farm

    * Build a farm on world map, location is your choice
    * Buy seeds at the market and plant them
    * 4 fields at your disposal, each covering 30-40 wheat crops
    * Harvest crops with a sickle and sell grain on the market for profits

    - Campaign AI Fixes and Tweaks by Motomataru
    * Many bug fixes at AI decision making
    * More activity done by AI parties on world map
    * Lords are now more travelling instead of sitting down in castles
    * Village raiding is reduced
    * Setting invalid AI objectives is now being avoided
    * Marshall is being prevented from stranding during campaign
    * Lords are more aggresive towards each other
    * Better decision making for Marshall on world map
    * Fixed party not reinforcing weak centers (if fall below 100 troops, was 7)
    * Kingdom becomes defensive when weakened and small
    * Factions will now defend even without Marshall
    * Weak lords now levy troops form over-defended centers
    * Electing new Marshall also being influenced by party size now
    * Weak Marshalls lose renown thereby leading to better Marshall elected

    - Guild
    * Guild added with Guildmaster and guildmembers
    * Up to 4 different scenes for Guildhall
    * Donate to Guildmaster for new, better residence and get Prestige Points
    * Other members donate as well, over time there will be enough funds
    * Ask for apprenticeship and create a masterpiece to be allowed to join the Guild
    * Every day you work as apprentice, increases chance of making a masterpiece
    * Sell your created masterpiece for money
    * Upon completing apprenticeship, you become craftsman (social class)
    * New options for enterprise management:
    * Buy improvements to reduce bad events
    * Hire/fire more workers
    * Bad/lucrative events
    * Efficiency costs
    - New enhanced tournaments look
    - New heraldic armour
    - New weapons and helmets
    - Coloured lances
    - Heraldic horses
    - New scenes with new props

    - Traits
    * 56 traits added, divided in 14 types with each its own icon.
    * You can gain traits by choosing options in dilemma's which will pop*up during your gameplay.
    * Kings, lords, companions and ladies have their own traits as well.
    * No longer randomly choosing a lord as vassal/mayor, look at their traits to see if they are capable.
    * Lords with administration skills bring in extra money and bad loyalty traits make them defect easier.
    * Marrying a beautiful lady makes you gain extra influence

    - New characters overview
    * Press V anywhere to bring up overview
    * Filter lords on kingdom or title
    * View traits of other lords
    * View other information

    - Consumable beverages added
    * 4 new types beverage added (mead, rum, dirty & clean water and kumiss for Khergits/Turguhns)
    * Party requires beverages like food otherwise there is a morale loss
    * Beverages have twice as much capacity than food
    * Water is cheapest, but does lack capacity
    * In desert consumption of beverages is tripled (3x)

    - Music
    * 7 new music tracks for world map
    * 9 new music tracks for battles


    - Customize kingdom army
    * You can change equipment for every player kingdom soldier
    * You pay 3 times the item price, for every item you add or take from the troop
    * Memorize: troops will keep equipment, even upon loading savegame

    - Recruit troops in castles / towns

    * Two recruitment slots added to castles and towns
    * Choose a technology tier
    * Train 10 soldiers of any troop type per recruitment slot, wait some days and add them to your party

    - Battlefield Combat Abilities script (OSP - Chel)

    * Dynamic combat through combat abilities like

      * Rage          -    Get extra power
      * Focus      -    Get increased weapon proficiencies
      * Sprint      -    Run for your life!
      * Whistle for horse    -    Call your horse, the higher the more horses come
      * First aid      -    Recover
      * Inspire Troops      -    Rally your troops
      * Morale Shock      -    Unleash a fearsome cry to terrify weaker opponents
      * Taunt          -    Get your enemy’s attention to you, instead of to your troops
      * Defensive Structure  -    Consume items to create coverage via gabions

    * Get help by pressing N key
    * Duration & power of abilities depends on your game skills.
    * Some abilities costs some experience.

    - Extend your victory a bit

    * After the battle, if you were victorious, you may decide what to do with
      the prisoners. Your choices can change your money, prestige or your relation with
      the enemy

    * Take Prisoner      -    You can either recruit them or sell them as slaves
    * Execute      -    Prestige boost, but means faction relation penalty as well
    * Ransom      -    Earn money immediately. It’s around 40 Florins per person
    * Release      -    Do you have a noble heart?
    *  Let them go with
      only underwear left    -    Do you really hate your enemies so much?
    * Makes slaves of them  -    Adding prisoners as item to your inventory, use them in colonies

    - Deathcam
    * Smooth camera rotation using the mouse
    * Works in Windowed Mode
    * Movement Speed Multiplier key
    * Sensitivity Modifier key
    * Ability to reset camera's position to the location you died
    * Works with Battle Orders (Backspace) presentation

    - Extended Prisoner Chat
    * Ability to persuade prisoners to join you directly
    * Ability to set them free
    * Ability to murder regular prisoners
    * Ability to taunt nobles
    * Ability to let nobles go, with a gain to honor and relation
    * Ability to kill nobles permanently
    * Ability to kill Kings permanently!
    * Succession script, other Lord becomes King

    - 68 battle flags added
    * Unique flags per faction
    * 1 flag per 10 men in a division
    * Option to disable flags in battle

    - Volley fire by Caba’drin
    * You can set divisions to fire in volleys
    * Working for archers, crossbowmen and arquebusiers
    * Use numpad period to start and to end volley fire
    - Formations and AI Mods by Motomataru
    * You can assign formations to divisions, choose either
    * Ranks
    * Shieldwall
    * Wedge
    * Square
    * Wedge
    * AI armies make formations as well
    * Improved AI battlefield decision making
    * Your troops start the battle in ‘hold’ position
    * Hold-F1 ability is expanded. When placing flag into an enemy division, your troops will attack it
    * In case of above situation and the enemy division has been wiped out, your troops will return to you

    Building & Management

    - Constructing: Village

    * 10 different buildings can be built (church, barracks, school, ...)
    * 3 different production buildings (stone quarry, lumberjack, blacksmith)
    * You can see that the building is actually being constructed
    * Production buildings can be upgraded, up to 5 lvls (with own unique building)
    * Pay to Village Elder to set up construction site
    * Drafting Table at site allows you to bring materials (timber, stone, tools) and finish construction
    * Real-time building / upgrading. Set up construction and the building will appear. Upgrade it to another level and you can see it
    * Different buildings for Swadian, Sarranid, Rhodokian and Vaegir cultures.
    * When your village grows, the villagers will build a greater religious place on their own

    - Managing: Village

    * Assign jobs to villagers (farmers, woodcutters, stonecutters, blacksmiths)
    * These jobs let them harvest food or create materials (timber, stone, tools)
    * These materials are needed for buildings
    * Food is eaten by villagers, if too much food, people will move in, if too few, people will move out
    * Set tax level (no tax, average, high, extreme, …)
    * Ask for a salary (warning: village elder grabs too)
    * Add personal gold to treasury.
    * Special events (accidents, plague, murder, theft)
    * If your village has 76 villagers, 76 villagers will actually walk around you

    - Managing: Town
    * Build what you want (church, townhall, walls, university, hospital, …)
    * Most buildings are visually visible while walking at the streets
    * Hire commissioners to extend your options (Comm. of Architecture, … Finance & Justice)
    * Town mechanics: tax, growth, population, religion, treasury, power
    * Set tax level (from Very Low to Extreme)
    * Low Religious Uniformity decreases population and mainly tax income. Heretics don’t pay
    * Power in town is distributed to 4 classes: Nobility, Bourgeoisie, Clergy, Craftsmen
    * You decide who gets powerful and who will be kept down. Each class has its own characteristics:

      Nobility    -    Makes proclaiming edicts quicker
      Bourgeoisie    -    Building becomes cheaper
      Clergy      -    Increases Religious Uniformity
      Craftsmen  -  Increases population growth

    * Give power to a class with edicts and gifts
    * Power is divided naturally as 50% Nobility, 10% Bourgeoisie, 35% Clergy and 5% Craftsmen and tends to   
      restore this order.
    * If a class feels it has too little power they start becoming annoying:

      Nobility    -    <25%  No edicts can be proclaimed
      Bourgeoisie    -        -          Expensive buildings 
      Clergy      -    <20%  Slower conversion progress
      Craftsmen  -  <20%  People move out

    * Announce an event with many personal gains (gold, prestige, strength of faith, +250 population)
    * Random bad events (theft, nobility rises to power, Plague, …)

    - Kingdom management
    * Choose a leader title (King, Sultan, Sjah, Antipope, Tsar, …)
    * Every title has its own ‘crown’, given to player upon decision
    * ‘King’ title will grant the Swadian culture group, ‘Sultan’ will give you access to desert troops
    * Choose kingdom banner and kingdom colour
    * Kingdom mechanics:    tax, religious uniformity, balance of power, technological research, debts
    * Low Religious Uniformity destroys income. Heretics don’t pay
    * Invest weekly in technological research to gain better stats for all kingdom troops
      and to unlock new troop tiers. Here is an overview of technological stages:

    Stage I       
    Feudal technology (default)

    Stage II       
    +4 Ironflesh,
    +1 Power Strike
    +5 % Income

    Stage III   
    + Troop Tier (reflecting 15th century)
    +5 % Income

    Stage IV   
    +25 Men in lord's parties
    +5% Income

    Stage V       
    +1 Agility
    +1 Power Strike
    +5% Income

    Stage VI   
    + Troop Tier (reflecting 16th century)
    +5% Income

    Stage VII     
    +1 Agility
    +4 Ironflesh
    +5% Income

    * Your relationship with vassals will fade away over time, keep them happy, grant titles, give letters of   
      approval to avoid them defecting to other kingdoms
    * Kingdom Balance of Power, grant power if you need something

      Clergy      -  Increases Religious Uniformity, reduces corruption
      Nobility      -  Larger army for every lord, proclaiming edicts easier
      Commoners  -  (Large) income boosts

    * Appoint people for the council (diplomat, steward, treasurer, court chaplain)

    Chancellor / Grand Vizier
    * Appoint councillors
    * Change banner and kingdom colour
    * Proclaim edicts

    * Dispatch an emissary to maintain diplomatic relations with other kingdoms

    * Grant titles to your vassals (Earl, Udelniy Knyaz, Sheik, Duke, …)
    * Improve relations with your vassals
    * Keep track on technological research

    Treasurer / Tax Assessor
    * Repay kingdom debts
    * Invest in trade
    * Invest in the kingdom
    * Set King’s Purse (your salary)
    * Donate to kingdom treasury
    * Get financial information

    Court Chaplain / Court Imam
    * Increase Religious Uniformity (assign Head Inquisition, spend gold, grant privileges to clergy)
    * Pray (for personal use)

    * Economical mechanics:

    Tax        -  Towns are great sources for tax income, castles are not and villages a little
    Trade Tariffs      -  Villages provide greatly to trade. However trade can collapse  during wartime
    Commoner Gifts    -  Give power to the commoners and they will be grateful
    State Expenditures  -  As your kingdom grows, you will face costs
    Research Investment  -  Really important to get access to best troops
    King’s Purse      -  Your own salaryNoble’s Purses      -  You will pay for noble titles too
    Councillors salaries  -  You will pay salaries for councillors like the steward
    Interest 5%      -  You will pay interest for debts, created during a deficit
    Corruption      -  Depends on King’s Purse, if you grab, everyone will grab. Keep clergy at power to reduce this

    * AI: other kingdoms will advance in technology as well

    - Build your own stone castle
    * You can create a construction site somewhere via camp menu
    * Give your new castle a name
    * Hire laborers to build your castle, you will pay salary weekly (incorporated in weekly budget overview)
    * Wait few weeks before construction is completed or add timber, stone or tools to speed up construction.   

    New World

    - Colonizing
    * 15 new islands and 1 major island added
    * Each seizable island produces unique goods (sable furs, sugar, tobacco, cotton, coffee, ivory, gold, silver, spices)
    * 4 Map icons for colonies (white flag, few houses, fortified)
    * You can colonize an island for yourself
    * Populate it with either colonists or slaves
    * Townwalkers can be asked to become colonists and slaves can be obtained via ransom brokers
    * Build fortifications which changes map icon (fort, walls, towers)
    * AI lords establish, seize and develop colonies as well
    * Acztaoc Empire becomes hostile to everyone with colonies
    * You can manually build structures
    * Choose a building from the presentation to make it appear in the scene.
    * Use arrow keys to move it, home/end respectively to rotate and up/down to change height position.
    * You can select a nearby building and destroy it with backspace and delete keys respectively
    * Use enter to memorize
    * Advanced in-depth colony building system. Colonists require houses, food and materials
    * You can import materials and food from the mainland in the Old World (expensive though)
    * You can besiege colonies and your colony can become besieged by an enemy and plundered
    * If you add AI-mesh to your colony scene, you can choose to defend there. Otherwise battle scenes will appear at forts
    * Events which can harm your colony such as bad harvest

    - Acztaoc Empire
    * New faction based on the Aztec with leader, troops, items and settlements added
    * Unique map icons for villages, castles, towns and capital
    * Scenes with unique buildings, houses, shrines and temples for the Azctaoc.

    - Various special places
    * Explore jungles
    * Examine forgotten ruins
    * Discover volcanoes
    * Investigate huge caves

    Additional Features

    * Currency changed to Florin
    * Trigger added which removes prisoners if higher than 49 from lord parties monthly
    * Fall damage increased with a multiplier of 10
    * 4 types of townhalls (native, early, middle, late) for every town
    * Every faction leader has its own unique ‘crown’
    * More recruits (0-4) available if you own the village
    * Nordic Kingdom renamed to Nordic Union
    * Vaegir Kingdom renamed to Vaegir Tsardom
    * Higher amount of mercenaries hireable in taverns
    * Shield Bash: smash enemies to the ground with your shield (use CTRL).
    * Mercenaries completely revised: new armour and weapons
    * New mercenary types:

      Mercenary Sword and Buckler Man
      Mercenary Pikeman

    * [OSP] Improved trade goods added (item modifers)
    * New map icons for ships. Large parties have a fleet.
    * Now a year is added every day for immersion. It slows down to 1 year p/wk after 1650 A.D. and
    after 1695 it will use default calender.
    * Merchants added who sell materials, firearms, special swords and relics in taverns.

    Amount of Features:
    ~ 329 ~


Click here to visit the wiki page of Nova Aetas



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This modification takes a lot of effort. Just to create the ultimate gameplay for you.
Our rewards are happy people. Do you want to help us? Put one of these banners in your signature.
It will help spreading the mod. We thank you for doing so!



















I have been modding for four years already. This includes extending the features of the original M&B games by
adding a lot of new content - or improving gameplay, and this all mostly done by myself! This takes a lot of effort and time in learning
how to model, to texture and to write complex scripts. My intentions are to offer a pleasant and durable feeling of the game.

Even after the release of a modification I stay updating & bringing out new content. Especially the testing
side of developing a mod can last long and be aggravating. But seeing the joyful feedback of you does encourage
my enthusiasm to continue developing.

Making profit has never been my goal. I never ask to be paid for my work and services.
Though I give you the option to freely donate a sum of money as a token of appreciation for all time and effort put in
offering you a free, pleasant and durable game.


After one year and one month, I am proud to present you the first stable version of my mod to the world. Enjoy the mod!
This mod is designed using operations from v1.161, but works on newer versions too. But not on older versions.

(Full version, not savegame compatible, v1.61+ required)

Download Link I - ModdB
Download Link II - Steam


(Full version, not savegame compatible, v1.61+ required)

Download Link I - ModdB
Download Link II - Steam


(Hotfix, savegame compatible with v4.0, v1.61+ required)

Download Link I - ModdB


(Full version, savegame compatible with 3rd upload of beta, v1.61+ required)

Download Link I - ModdB
Download Link II - Steam


(Full version, savegame compatible with v3.0.0 or higher)

Download Link I - ModdB
Download Link II - Steam
Download Link III - NexusMods

(Full version, not savegame compatible)

Download Link I - ModdB
Download Link II - Steam


(Full version, not savegame compatible)

Download Link I - Dropbox
Download Link II - Steam


(Full version, not savegame compatible)

Download Link I - Moddb
Download Link II - NexusMods


(Patch, not savegame compatible, install v1.3 first)

Download Link I - ModDb
Download Link II - NexusMods
Download Link III - GameFront


(Full version, not savegame compatible)

Download Link I - Moddb
Download Link II - NexusMods


(Full version, not savegame compatible)

Download Link I - Moddb
Download Link II - Dropbox


(Full version, not savegame compatible)

Download Link I - Moddb



Download Link I - Moddb
Download Link II - NexusMods


Mod Founder / Developer

QuitsAlbatross  (Helped with scenes, beta tester)
Dion/Folcwar (beta tester)
ElPadrino (beta tester)
Volkonski (beta tester)

+Varsung+ (German translation)

Al_Mansur - Map Icons / Helmets
Aquil - New Faces
Kovas - Teutonic/Lithuanian Ttems
Specialist - Weapons
Narf of Picklestink - 14th/15th Century Armour
Njunja - Eastern Armour
Zimke Zlovoljni - Roman Armour
rgcotl - Roman Armour / Items
Yamabusi - Priest / Bishop cloths
Shredzorz - 15th Century Weapons
lucky lancer - Texture Fiddling v1.0
CptJoker - Real Water Mod v1.1
Gutekfiutek - Polished Landscapes
La Grandmaster - Tribal props & plants for New World
Adorno - Rhodok building props
Lucke189 - Realistic Colors 1.22
Zimke Zlovoljni - Frell's Khazak Armor Pack
DatFrog! - Banner packs
Rubik - OSP The World Map to show the exact realm of factions
Time Golem - [Item] TG's Ancient Armory
Jacobhinds - [OSP][Anim] Animation Variety Mod
Yamabusi - [Item] Highlanders models
Floris Mod - Armor
Xenoargh - [Script] Shield Bash (OSP)
KON_Airk - Universal Troop Costumizing System (With Save Feature!)
Full Invasion 2 - Black Knight and Bronze Knight Armour OSP Pack
Narf - Narf's Men-at-Arms Armour Pack.
Yamabushi  - For the Cape.
Tumajan - [Item] Jan Tuma´s Sturmhaube helmets Pack (OSP)
Openshaw - Expaned Horizons [OSP]
Daedalus - [OSP] Tavern Animation Pack

Nick_Mac - 15th century armour, helmets
Docm30 - The Lord of the Rings Weaponry

Zephilinox - Deathcam
FantasyWarrior - Guerre de Cent Ans
Mordachai - Permanent Death

QuitsAlbatross - castle & towns scenes + bug fixing
Willhelm - [OSP] Ultimate 17th Century Pack
Comrade Crimson - Sounds, speeches (Cathars) and music

- Yifeng_konjac - Aztec equipment
- Blood and Steel - Turguhn equipment (via Yifeng_konjac)
- Crusader: Way to Expiation team
- K700 - OSP: Eagle Eye
- Nords with Guns - Freelancer OSP
- AndyYa - [OSP] Three cards game
- WindyPlains - Tournament Play Enhancements OSP
- Fire_And_Blood / [OSP][WIP] Way of the Sea - water travel -

Celtic Music - Victorious
Celtic Music - Wolf Blood
Celtic Music - Where I Belong
Pagan Metal - Sons of the Allfather
Adrian von Ziegler - Hail to the King
Adrian von Ziegler - Prophecy
Giovanni Gabrieli - Canzon Duodecimi Toni
Tarquinio Merula - Ciaconna
Globus - Preliator (main menu music)
Celtic Music - Peter Crowley Fantasy Dream
Medieval Music - King Arthur
Quiet Slumber - Creepy Music Box
Doom OST - Victory Music

Two Steps From Hell - The Last Stand
James Paget Music- The Hero Within (2014 Epic Heroic Uplifting Intense Orchestral Drama)
Immediate Music - Novus Arcana - Epic Fast-Paced Choral
Epic battle and medieval music (YouTube)
Epic Music Mix I - War Music  (YouTube)
Celtic Music - Mists of Avalon
Fantasy Medieval Music - Cry of the Dragons
Ace Combat 6 OST - The Liberation Of Gracemeria
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Warhammer: Dark Omen, Battle theme remake
Rise of Legends - Alain winning theme
Stronghold 3 Soundtrack: Pints a Flowin
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Red Cliff Soundtrack--01. The Battle Of Red Cliff
Red Cliff Soundtrack--02. On The Battlefield'
Musa the Warrior Soundtrack - A Fight For Our Motherland
Stainless Steel - Patapan

Vangelis - Conquest of Paradise (played while travelling by sea)

Music: "Vals 2", música de Mario Viñuela (played at Mithridias)
OSP - GetAssista's stone lobbing script
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Furok - Renaissance outfits Grim Age mod
Music "Litaniae Sanctorum" (played at church)

Dion/Folcwar said:
Looting system (loot the village buildings on yourself)
if you get this to work, going to be awsome!
It is working in Europe 1805-II. So I hope it will be easy to convert the feature to this mod.

Something unusual said:
Looks like an awesome mod. Can't wait to play it, and good luck!

Only thing is: seriously, Acztaoc Empire?  :razz:
This name sounds native. It's my target that two completely different worlds meet each other.
Quintillius said:
[0%] - Edicts / privileges

What does this mean? I understand the English wording perfectly, I'm just not seeing how or what this mechanic add.

Quintillius said:
[0%] - Cattle will follow player

Now here's something that should be in every mod... :roll:
Falkner92 said:
Quintillius said:
[0%] - Edicts / privileges

What does this mean? I understand the English wording perfectly, I'm just not seeing how or what this mechanic add.
If the player gains control of a town, there will be three different powers:
- direct lord (King)
- player
- citizens

The player needs money to pay troops and tax for their direct lord (upcoming feature) which is a step higher in the hierarchy. The hierarchy will look like:


If the player is a Baron, he needs to fullfil task for the Viscount (random lord) for example. This noble rank depends on your fiefs and renown.
Now since the player can be short on money, he can ask the citizens in the town to give gold. However... they demand power in return. You can grant privileges to a council of citizens, for example:
- Right to levy taxes (no longer able to raise/lower taxation level)
- Right to elect local government officials (no longer able to build buildings)
- Right of judiciary and law making (no longer able to issue edicts)

Edicts are the opposite of this. Give money in return for power!

This system needs to be worked out though. So things can change.
Yeah, that was my first thought too, the Fog of War mod means (afaik) only that the player can't see the strategical map, but all the factions would still have diplomatic relationships, trade contacts, etc. with the new world faction(s).
Looks like a really good concept and a really big task to do.

A hearty congrats if you stick with it and finish this mod!
RandomModder said:
Sounds and looks awsome! :grin: Btw, how are you gonna make the exploration work?
Is exploration really necessary? How do you guys feel about this feature? So settlements will be discovered when being nearby.

Looks like a really good concept and a really big task to do.

A hearty congrats if you stick with it and finish this mod!
Thank you! I have a lot of experience and some features are already implemented in E1805. So I have much hope this mod won't take longer than 6 months atleast.
too bad that you left 1805 without the ability to have vassals  :???:

anyway I like the exploration idea it does make sense IMO since you said 2 different worlds meeting each other
Quintillius said:
RandomModder said:
Sounds and looks awsome! :grin: Btw, how are you gonna make the exploration work?
Is exploration really necessary? How do you guys feel about this feature? So settlements will be discovered when being nearby.

I personally think that the exploration would be very cool, but if anyway possible, the fog of war should be limited to the just found/ undiscovered lands.

And oh, yeah the concept IS actually really kind of a unique in the vast amount Mount & Blade mods.
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