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Tarbild the Crude

Team: Barbarians

Canius Vinosus

Team: Romans
Well I have a huge smile on my face, time to get immersed in this wonderful mod :grin:

Edit: I just saw my armor that I helped with ingame, It just made me so damn happy that I was able to help. you made alot of improvements on it but It just makes me so happy xD

Triceps Chopimus

Team: Romans
I almost thought this day would never come! :razz:

(... he says, having only found this mod a few months ago.)

Thanks for all your hard work, though!

Edit: A letter.

Tergum Pugnax

Team: Romans
Hi all, this mod looks awesome but I have just downloaded it and I have this problem:
My character, and other units like bandits and armies get stuck while moving through the world map, its impossible to leave some cities or go some places because of this problem. Some help about how to fix it? Is it a bug from the new version?
Thank you all and sorry about my english.

EDIT: oh, the hotfix was uploaded while I was writting, thx :smile:

Adica the Belligerent

Grandmaster Knight
Team: Barbarians
Chairman Maoundy said:
Google docs' broken for me (has been for months), can someone upload that to dropbox or something similar?

Here you have good man:!Z1UkTJpT!zm_FvYGllT5ClBZs6PRJUrEvKHLoh1AQhJJwDoBNR0Y
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