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Hey Jacob,

Pretty much hyped !

How are the rebels doing ? Did you change something ?

Keep it up ! Still my favorite Warband mod :grin:


This is worth the wait, and later you are not going to put the mod in the cellar anymore, right?

P.S Can't wait to massacre everyone :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:


first time seeing population growth/death in a Warband mod can't wait. also, did revolutions get changed it was semi impossible to take back a castle with 800 peasants with muskets in it


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Wasn't the population system implemented yet in 2.0 version? I can't understand really well which is the change in this matter for next version.


A ¼ within half a year...  :dead:

Is there going to be a way to speed up the army drifting when you're playing a simple soldier?
Speeding up the game when you're a freelancer should be simple enough, I just worry for people with slower computers. It runs fairly smoothly on mine though even at 30x speed.

I've been wondering about freelancer and I might also make the AI lords more aggressive when you join them so that the player sees more action. Even in the early game when it's crowded, the AI is so wimpy that it can take half an hour of sitting around to so a good battle.


Hopes and dreams crushed, despair overtaking my body, was hoping not to sleep tonight.


Good to hear the update is nearly complete ! Great job !
hello  :grin: my friend told me that this mod had a way to unlock sex scene with wife after marry  :fruity: how do you trigger and is it loud?? Need put in headphones if yes but will just turn down if not too loud  :fruity:

Look at what you've done now, Mr. Helicopter.
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