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/!\ Update /!\

After way way too long, I've finally found the time/motivation to clean up 3.0 and get it ready for release. It'll definitely be ready by the end of the month. Here's what you have to look forward to:

- Movable population. You can order villages to pack up their bags and become nomads under your control. You can recruit directly from said nomads or move them elsewhere.
- Sea battles. Not as complex as I'd first hoped since a Viking Conquest update seems to have broken a few things, but expect airships vs every other kind of ship, and no slidy buggy ship combat. The ship you buy will show up on the battlefield alongside any others present.
- Improved AI and tactical combat. The AI now provides a real challenge and you will be forced to use square formation to protect your precious musketmen from rapid routs. Timing and flanking are actually important to the point where the AI will easily beat you if you just charge or simply camp on equal terms.
- More bugfixes than I could begin to mention.
- Customisable regiments, many more meaningful buildings, more faction congruency.
Can you elaborate customizable regiments? Do we have to be a king/lord in order to start up one of those, and how many can we create?

Looking forward to this  :smile:
Damn, I was just thinking "geez, it'd be fun to play some mod with firearms in it; think I'mma try that Sayazn thingy at last."

Perfect timing, Graeghan, perfect timing.  :facepalm:
more faction congruency.

Could this mean that Khaldim has finally abandoned the spear in favour of the bayonet?
It means I've chosen the focus of each faction and balanced the troops around that, removing or editing any troop type which doesn't quite contribute. This should mean that when you face them on the battlefield their troop types should all compliment each other, and be harder to defeat. In many cases this actually involved adding more unit variety.
/!\ Update /!\

I'm basically finished. I ran the game for around half an in-game year and I only saw 2 error messages (this is a very good sign in warband mod terms). I now have to remove a few of the meta-features I implemented to aid in bugfixing, for instance a global population tracker which plots the change in game world demographics over time. In case you're interested, here's the results of the tracker after around 180 days:


The early population decline was largely due to the intense wars at the beginning, and it began to slow down as Lords ran out of money and couldn't draft so many people. There are a few mini troughs due to long sacking campaigns by certain factions, or the destruction of a village with vital farms in it.
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