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Is there a reason behind the incredibly slow campaign map speeds for everyone? I assume there must be some logical reason behind it but it just makes playing the mod feel like a chore which is a shame because the rest of it is really, really well made
Ctrl + space is your friend. Once you befriend it, it shall be a friend you shall never want to part with, under any circumstance.
A question, Jacob. You mentioned that the Shastavi campaign was getting revamped which is super cool!

With this will Khaldim be getting updated as well? While they sport arguably the best ranged unit in the early period (rifles), they lose their edge after modernization occurs.
In 2.0, I manage to get to the battle between me and the Assassins, but A. It's always Gasha troops, and B. After a number of enemies have died, the game crashes. Any idea why?
jacobhinds said:
That's an unusual rare bug which I'm currently trying to fix.
Well, that's unfortunate. In fact, even custom battles occasionally have just blank black frames. However, on one occasion I managed to get all the way to the "Return" button on the looting screen at very low framerate without crashing.
you know Jacob I actually hate you because of the talk about releasing the patch you made me check daily on this again only to get my hopes crushed every single day  :sad:
I am just on this forum because of how buggy your mod is. Update it already so that I can go back into my corner!
Nooo, that's a counterproductive form of blackmail, as this is precisely the reason why he is not releasing 3.0. Nay, instead, tell him how it is perfect. Whisper it into his ear softly. :fruity:
couldn't he just release what he has and apply a mini patch later with the bug fixes when he fixes them later in a century or 2 I mean he is sitting on a patch that is like 95% done or so right?
I just got this mod and am really enjoying it so far. However I am unsure as to how to get faction equipment. I'm in Sayazn right now, and the only things for sale besides basic robes are Gathan pieces.
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