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Just reinstalled this mod on my machine a few weeks ago, and it is every bit as big a blast as I remember. The world feels alive with all the fluctuating wars, events and revolutions, the lore pulls me in every time, the factions all stand out from each other, gorgeous scenery, and the battles are fun no matter whether I'm fighting a medieval clash-of-arms between factions with no gunpowder weapons such as the Qarans or Gathans and Ishtar or a Napoleonic shootout between the likes of Gasha, Kasthind, Khaldim & Sayazn itself. There are some unfortunate bugs which I'll be reporting in the appropriate thread shortly, but nothing too crippling. Definitely looking forward to the next version, whenever it comes.

Speaking of the next iteration of Sayazn - one thing I've noticed in my Imaz Ishtar playthrough right now is that while some of the factions modernize, Ishtar included, others such as the Imazids do not. Is there any chance they could have their own modernized units, come the next version? I think it'd at least make sense for the Ishtari spinoffs to modernize eventually, since both are apparently taking quite well to gunpowder weapons and other modern technological developments on the mainland if their lore entries & the presence of musketeer units in their existing trees are anything to go by.
Jacob, I must say - you made one hell of a mod :smile:.

There may be bugs and a few problems, but it's surely the most complex, well thought mod i've played. Like many other players, i also came back to Sayazn after some months and i'm always amazed how immersive it is :smile:.

Really crossing my fingers that at some point you will release something that will amaze us even more. Well, even small patch would be great :razz:.

Nope. I have a new version with a lot of new stuff and hundreds of bugfixes (most of which I've forgotten) which is about 20 hours of coding away from release. But I have next to no spare computer time, and warband coding isn't exactly good stress relief. I'm planning to do some work on it this week though.
Great news then :smile:. I wish you patience and some spare time so you could finish next version quickly :smile:. Your mod is really one of the best and immersive for warband ever :smile:.
Really looking forward to the new surprise release! This is definitely one of the most polished, unique mods for Warband, and it doesn't receive anywhere near enough attention. I love the focus on the fantastical gunpowder-empires as the big contenders (always found the Ottoman, Safavid and Mughal empires to be pretty fascinating, and I can see their influence in this mod), along with their transition to modern rifles. There's just something cool about the prevalence of pikes, muskets, and plate or mail armor all being alongside each-other. As a matter of fact, all of the factions are quite fleshed out and unique, ranging from the more advanced Nordic Khaldim, to the more Eastern Ishtari, and even those Greco-inspired fellows up north.

Any word on some of the cool thing the new release will include Jacob? Perhaps some airships? Or perhaps modernization for more nations, I know that the Gathani tribes, Khaldim, and the two nations stuck on the northern island all lack it.

Whatever is to come, I'm sure it will be wonderful, and I anticipate it!



Came accross the mod when it was just in the battle state, came back for the 2.0 and yeah, that's my all time favorite. I'm really excited for the next update !

Thanks for the mod, keep up the good work Jacob ! :grin:
I'll post when I have something useful to say. At the moment I've just been cleaning up bugs, but I have to split my time between several other more important/less tedious things, and modding just isn't as fun when you have to finish something off and try to find logic breaks in millions of lines of code. It'll get done, I just can't say when.


Wow that was a quick reply. That is totally understandable, take your time. Being a one man team isn't fun when there is nobody
else to look at the codes.

Live your life the way it should, oh and that girl is beautiful.
Quick update:

I've managed to fix a metric crapton of bugs on the campaign map. I managed to play for something like an hour without encountering a single error message. :lol:

Many of the bugs are caused by variables being pushed around by faulty code snippets, such as the ones used in items, troops, map icons and so on. There are still quite a few errors regarding text but none of them affect playability. The banners still aren't working but I assume this is part of the same issue and will all be fixed once I find the faulty variable.

A couple of little features I've added which are up and running:

- The ability to toggle the invasive troop name popups on the battle map
- Fully functional custom troops
- Several new siege maps
- Overcoats for certain units during snow, rain, or in cold climates
- The Shastavi campaign works now
- Both the player and the AI can demand capitulation in a peace deal, forcing the defeated faction to follow you into wars and only make peace when you do

I'll post some screenshots tomorrow. Stay tuned.
Some screenshots:



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Is it one/a few musketeers who can't shoot? Or how does that work? Very nice addition with the coats, by the way.
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