[Main Quest Sidequest] Award a vassal player a Castle

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I think when joinging a faction as a vassal, start a quest where the player has to prove some loyalty and skills by helping the ruler in some way. For example, attack a hideout close to his domain, bring X soldiers of type y to his garrison i Z or something else that requires a bit of work by the player. This can be one quest ore several chained quests, but at the end, player is rewarded with a castle, the one with lowest prosperity that the king owns. Or if he controls non, the poorest in the realm that is controlled by a lord with at least 2 holdings. Only, it must be of the faction culture.

This solves 2 issues with vassal gameplay I have found:
1. You currently likely never see a fief of faction's culture(unless you play Empire)
2. You can step right into the lordly life and not do all the workshop/smithing/trading/tournament stuff first if you want.
this is a recurrent idea that I would like them to take to. It could also be incorporated as a option in the main quest line to prove the banner you carry is really worth it by having shown you also are one who already had risen up to a place of power.


I'm not so sure about this specific implementation since new fief awards are partially based on proximity to existing owned fiefs when deciding which lords receive the voting nod so having a garbage bandit ridden territory in the back of your kingdom would mean you would almost never be in the voting for new territory, this also hurts the overall gameflow since part of the fun about a new fief is that it's likely conquered from another kingdom and it's on the frontlines meaning you get to protect your new territory in the ongoing war.

I think something that could be interesting in a similar vein would be land reform. Say a kingdom could call a vote (Or it could happen on a cycle every 9 months or so) to redistribute land. This would require all clans with more than 1 territory to offer up one of their pieces of land and a voting cycle would begin based on current voting factors with a tilt towards proximity to group territory together so that clans can defend their land easier and new lords could receive fiefs without having to go to war.

This would also allow for defections to be a little more prevalent since they're all but disabled right now as a currently a defecting lord generally won't have any fiefs (that issue having caused the defection), and unless the faction he goes to war with wins a siege, he won't get any more fiefs causing chain defections.
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