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That's awesome, thank you!

Anyway, I can't play on 1.2 or 1.3 because I'm having this "Save failed!" Error. More and more people are getting it, still no fix. The game becomes unplayable because you're unable to save anymore.
That's EA for you haha

The banners mod is great, and even if I'd prefer a simpler approach to heraldry than what the mod makes it to be, it's miles better than the cunky crap Bannerlord passes for sigils.


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Hello there, folks.

I've had a real blast with Bannerlord over the last month. It's incredibly fun to play.

That said, it's an Early Access and it shows. Although the first impression may look like a finished product, well it's not. Too many perks are not working (iirc devs actually said they're not happy with how the system works and will probably overhaul it entirely), too few quests, random wars and no diplomacy whatsoever (haven't tried the latest update, heard there were some changes), etc etc.

Overall I'd say they have built an amazing foundation to build upon. A year from now, we may be talking about one hell of a game, when it exits the early access and becomes a full release. Also, considering the size of the whole world map, they could keep adding content for a very, very long time (more factions, etc.).


That's it!
Modding tools are out! Anyone willing to start having some real fuuuunn?
Revisiting the game now after more than a year and a half, I'm sorry to say it's prly still too early for any serious atempts at total conversion mods. They stoped updating the game every week, but updates are still fairly regular and changes to the base game significant. Looking through Nexus mods, there are a lot of fun little mods out there but very few large ones, in fact I only see 4 with the "total conversion" tag that have been updated in 2021.


Check out the Europe Campaign Map mod, it's pretty nicely done, even includes sea travel. It's going to be a good asset if this mod gets revived.


Yeah I've heard about it, but haven't tested it yet.

Anyone I just wanted to see if there is still some interest from old modders to make Europe 1200 on Bannerlord... seems quite dead though. Some other teams already have begun working on assets of their future total conversion mods.


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Shouldn't there be a download link somewhere here?
Older versions can still be found here, though:

Newest version: Beta 7, 28th August 2012.
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