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How about using Machiavelli's The Prince to inspire dialogue from NPCs in the game? Clan members, notables, and other characters could say things that are inspired from The Prince or The 48 Laws of Power. Depending on their traits they would say something that more or less or the opposite of what is Machiavellian.
A clan member could advise the player about whether it is better to be fear or loved or hated like in The Prince. Or a clan member could advise or mention that one can either treat a person well or the must crush them like in The Prince. Clan member or other hero's could give opinions about using mercenaries and auxiliary troops and whether or not they are reliable as it is discussed in The Prince.

Throughout The Prince the author talks about events and history in Europe about people being betrayed, usurper, revolts, murders etc. sometimes he talks about how a leader or group where found in a ditch or straggled this could explain the 'loss' of notables. Or rumors about how a notable was eliminated by a lord that hated him.

Futher more Sun Tzu's The Art of War could be used to inspire dialogue as well and other strategic books of the past.
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