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Resolved Mace thrust damage and speed

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No, I didn't use any mods.
Summary: Made a Mace on Order, everything was as required but failed because the weapon had 0 thrust speed or thrust damage, and not 92 and 15 as required. There is a comment in red above the Forge button, "Weapon should have Thrust Damage".


That means that you didnt have the right requirments.

There is a very few types of maces that have "thrust dmg" and if you didnt have the incorrect one like you did, then the red comment woudlnt be there.

Just go to the smith and look at the mace types, and you'll see when you choose them(even if not unlocked) they have thrust dmg.
(Naturally you cant smith it until you unlock it).

As long as there is something in red you are not meeting the requirments and thus you "fail" the order(you can in some cases however actually make the order when things are red, cause of the x% chance of better quality crafted item due to skill or perk though).
But a hard requirment like this - Thrust not being filled will always be a fail.

So this one is "resolved" you should look up a guide for how smithing works in the game(not trying to sound rude) but this is working as intended.
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