[MAC OS & LINUX] Invisible Text & Shaders Fix

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When attempting to play the mod on a Mac or Linux operating system, you will likely be greeted by an empty menu screen with invisible text. This is due to the mod using a custom font which is not compatible with Mac. Fortunately, this is not a big deal and can be fixed with no hassle. Here's how.
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[*]Navigate to your main Perisno folder in the Mount & Blade: Warband \ Modules directory.

[*]Enter the Data folder in the main Perisno folder and find the FONT_DATA.XML file. Delete this file.

[*]Now head back to the main Perisno folder and then into the Textures folder. Look for the FONT.dds file and delete that as well.
Once these two files are deleted, the mod's font will be reverted to the default Mount & Blade font and work as normal. Happy hunting.

For reference, this fix will work for any mod that causes this same issue.


Perisno 0.99 - Mac/Linux graphics patch
"Fixes" the "issue" with displaying some items on Mac/Linux because these OSs can't process custom shaders. Only install it if you play on Mac/Linux and have this issue. Unpack into the mod's folder, overwrite the files.

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