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1st Update : http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,331597.msg7893699.html#msg7893699

Hello Community,

I have written a little tool which allows you to do automatic server switches.

I am already so far, that my tool is able to traverse the game main menu to find the right server and to join it.

The mouse is moved automatically. In this demo, the local area network is selected, which of course later on will be changed to "Internet". Further there is only one server and the tool decided this as the next one, which will be changed too, of course.

So now it's possible to connect an arbitrary number of multiplayer servers to one big world

Alright, i hope some of you like this and i would appreciate your feedback  :smile: !

My Target is NOT to develop an own mod, i only want to provide YOU this tool. So i hope, that many Mods in the future will be "Open World"-featured :wink:


Does it allows to move from one map to another without losing my equipment ? For example, if I sail with my friends on the ship to the edge of the map, so will I appear in the  different map with all my gear and on the same ship?
I suppose that s the goal of the mod.

Nice idea it reminds me a bit of the system of life is feudal.

But i think there will be a loading screen or will it load in the background when u change server?

One way or another cool feature :smile:
Yes as Docere said, the goal ist to fully restore equipment as well as other character properties.
The whole thing should feel like if you just enter the next X x Y tile of a big map. So if you "travel" to the North, you will appear at the South edge of the next map.
Yes there should be a loading screen.
We will see how far I get :smile: I will tell you immediately, when i've done some progress.
See ya
Hey Folks,
I moved the project to Napoleonic Wars now ,because there is more interest.
But don't worry, i will keep everything generic, the tool and the neccessary scripts can be simply moved to a warband vanilla module system!
I will post about the(not to nw related) progress/status and features of this project right here.

Cheers Henker
You, my friend are an absolute genius, this is fantastic, i always thought that 1 world map was simply too small for a roleplay server. I honestly wish you the best of luck on developing this! :grin:
Wow amazing!
I believe that a bunch of mods searched a open world like that. Kepp it the good work bro  :party:
Good Evening Fellows!
A have good news in form of an update to this project  :cool:
Here is what i've done:
- of course a video  :wink:
added features:
- keep your inventory, your health, your armor and so on (also horse) during server travels (->roleplay feeling)
- a loading screen, which will be extended to a nice loading animation soon
- persistence in database (has also to do with first bullet)

The first mod, where this Project comes to application will be the "New World Conflict Mod" (based on Napoleonic Wars). http://www.fsegames.eu/forum/index.php?topic=24420.0.
I am looking forward to this  :grin: !

Thank you for your Feedback and your Support, this keeps me really motivated

I think you'll respawn in a different instance, perhaps running on the same server, perhaps not. Point is that you can have massive maps with your system being able to run it.
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