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"1647 was a strange year in which signs on earth and the sky seemed to announce disasters and unusual events. Contemporary chroniclers recall the huge numbers of locusts swarming from the Wild Fields and destroying crops and grass, which forecast Tartar raids. There was a grand eclipse of the sun in the summer and shortly after, a comet appeared in the sky..."

The Deluge is a modification which brings us into the cruel and bloody wars of the 17th century in eastern Europe. You'll be given an opportunity to play as a various characters of those conflicts: an undefeated winged hussars fighting in Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth ranks, a brave Cossacks rebells, an ambitious Ottomans, a wild and independent Tatars and as a well-equipped Swedes. Moreover, some other factions are under considerations, like Tsardom of Moscow, Austria or Germany...

Different time period settings, factions, armors and weapons are not the only things that our mod has to offer. In The Deluge you'll find huge amount of changes and enchantments made to gameplay. We added tons of new features - some are big, some are quite small - many of which are unique and you'll not find them anywhere else.

Playable factions:

Invasion - new game type

Do you like desperate fights against countless hordes of enemy soldiers? Do you like fighting amongside your brothers-in-arms, doing your best to survive few more minutes and protect your fellows? If yes, then this is something for you.

Invasion rules are simple - group of players gather in one team and try to defend their position against hordes of enemy bots, surviving as long as possible. This will require a lot of team play and planning.

Invasion in "The Deluge" has been written from a scratch. Main concept is quite simillar to other Invasion mods out there, but mechanics and features are different. What's more, "The Deluge" introduces AI scripting, which makes bots act less stupid than normally in M&B and let them interact with enviroment in some ways (eg. they'll try to destroy door if players hide in a locked room). So better prepare for some epic fights...


"The Deluge" introduces advanced cannon system. It supports different cannon types of various power and range, which can be loaded with two kinds of ammunition - cannonballs and grapeshots. Cannonballs are usefull when engaging enemies at long range and for environment destruction. Grapeshots are useless for long-distance combat and do little damage to structures, however, due to firing multiple projectiles and their wide spread, they are really deadly at close range. One shot of that type can take down a whole group of enemies.

It takes two men to comfortably use a cannon in "The Deluge". One man is aiming the cannon and firing it (perforably it should be an egineer, since other troop classes have huge accuracy penalties), the second one reloads the cannon after shot. Handling a cannon alone is also possible, but not recommended, since it takes away a lot of fun.

Cannon system in "The Deluge", even if technically quite complicated, was being written with simplicity in mind. It meant to be as much user-friendly and as much fun to use, as possible.

Boats and Ferries

You want to deal with enemies who took defensive positions on an island, but you don't want to use the only bridge which connects the island with dry land and obviously will be a death trap for you? No problem. Just gather up some of your friends, jump to the boats and take those bastards from the other side. Your tactics are not limited to land anymore. You can sail freely around the lakes and rivers, attacking your enemies from places they would never suspect.

In "The Deluge" boats are fully controlled by players. Literaly, you can sail wherever you want... as long as you'll stay on the water, ofcourse. :wink: Be aware though, since people in boats can be an easy pray for enemy sharpshooters or even artillery. Well placed cannon shot can sink a boat along with all the men onboard.

Ferries are much safer to take and can make good defensive positions sometimes. They're not as mobile as boats and their movement is limited by ropes, so they can sail only in two directions - from one river/lake bank to another.


While weak in direct combat, engineer can be the guardian angel to his teammates. Thanks to his unique abillities to repair, dig and build (and destroy) stuff, he can decide the fate of the battle. He can construct wheeled shields, which can be pushed towards the enemy and protect friendly troops from enemy fire. He can repair broken cannons, he can easily destroy enemy wooden structures with his powerfull axe. He can also use his shovel to dig up some heaps, which can be used as a provisional cover.

Maps and Architecture

Action of "The Deluge" takes place in quite different setting than Warband. Therefore, you can expect to see a lot of new structures created for the mod. The feel of the world need to be changed, so it would look much more like XVII century. "The Deluge" graphic artists made many new models, to make this possible and to bring this XVII century vision to life.

(Still, a lot of models need to be done. If you would like to help us out with modelling and texturing, please contact [email protected]$)

Almost all old maps are gone. Those two, which were not deleted, were heavily changed to fit the XVII setting and "The Deluge" gameplay and tactics. We bring you a lot of new maps instead. All of them were made with teamplay in mind, all of them take advantage of many unique "The Deluge" features, all of them will let you use different battle tactics to deal with your enemy.

Blackpowder Weapons

Now, what kind of XVII century mod would it be, if there were no muskets, right? In "The Deluge" mod you'll find many different types of blackpowder weapons used in that history period. We bring you not only muskets, arquebuses, puffers and pistols, but also unique weaponry, such as deadly blunderbusses (which fire multiple projectiles at once), double barreled guns and some combined weapons, like sword-pistols for example.

Blackpowder weapons wouldn't be so fun to use if there were no good sound and visual effects related to it. Therefore in "The Deluge" mod you'll see a lot of new particle effects related to bullet hits and gunshots, all this supported by new sound samples. Firearm battles never have been such spectacular in M&B, trust me.

And if you're not feeling like shooting at your enemy, you can throw some stuff at them. Get a hand on few grenades and send a whole group of your enemies at once straight to theirs maker.

New Weapon Models

Shortly speaking, in "The Deluge" mod you'll find tons of new stuff, which can be used to kill your enemies in the way you like. Long and short, big and small, pointy, blunt and sharp, heavy and light, melee and ranged... We have swords, sabres, stocks, yatagans, daggers, all kinds of new bows and arrows, axes, military picks, maces, spears, lances, pikes, berdishes, bills... et caetera, et caetera. There's plenty of that, just check it out.

Weapon Durability

"Things get damaged. Things get broken." You didn't expect to choose a winged hussar, pick the longest lance then carelessly and endlessly ride around the map, couched-lancing helpless cossack peasants, did you? Well, you cannot do this here. Some weapons in "The Deluge" have very low durability and can break during attack, leaving a useless piece of junk in your hands.


Heraldry was very important in XVII century Europe, so in "The Deluge" mod we greatly expanded it's meaning. We replaced all Warband banners with new, historically accurate ones. We heavily modified Native code, to add advanced heraldry support and improve it's visual in-game quality.

"The Deluge" team is also open for clan propositons. If you'd like to see your clan banner in our mod, feel free to ask. If the banner itself doesn't break some basic rules (no funny or out-of-place stuff, sorry), we never say "no".
Weather and Time

In "The Deluge" mod you will be able to play multiplayer maps in different weather conditions and at different times of the day (and night). Not only visual effect will change, but it will also require a change to your tactics.

Weather and time can be changed by an admin or by a poll accepted by majority.
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Animated World

World in "The Deluge" is no longer static. You'll notice that environment around you responds to current weather conditions and animate acording to wind strenght. This will apply not only to flora, but also to other things, like banners, tents or even window curtains.

Those are just few of features our mod has to offer. Download, check them all out by yourself... and meet us on the battlefield. :wink:

For more info please visit our website at:


The Deluge 0.5 - full installer


The Deluge 0.5 - full installer (at 4shared.com)

The Deluge 0.5 - full installer (at M&B Repository)

Mod requires the latest version of Warband and WSE (Warband Script Enchancer) so launch it either from the desktop shortcut, which was created by the mod installer, or using the WSELauncher.exe directly. Otherwise the mod won't work correctly.

Also, make sure you have Edit Mode turned ON in M&B launcher options. Otherwise you'll  experiencing "flying grass".
We're working on proper fix for that issue...

The Deluge 0.5 - dedicated server files (sample battle server configuration included)

Our old WFaS topics:


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[email protected]$

[POD][email protected]$ON
Tomasz Wolski "Hetman Wielki Koronny" (voice acting)

Music: Sławek Jabłoński

Menu and loading screen artworks:^Andrzej Rutkowiak^www.dugazm.co.uk

Project initiators, not active for a long time:

Old contributors and team members whose work is not present in the game:
Dionysios II The great

Special thanks...
to cmpxchg8b for awesome Warband Script Enchancer
to Gutek Fiutek for allowing us to use his Polished Buildings and Polished Landscapes mods,
to REF Clan and SRT Clan for hosting and testing the early versions of the game,
to Ottoman1453 mod team:
- Artizan
- Nemeruis
- Caliph
for many Ottoman models and textures.

and to a whole polish M&B community that was supporting and inspiring us through the last few years of that hard work, especially to:

wujek bulus
sir Luca
Paweł Machowiecki
Jan Skrzetuski
Bolo Chan
Mat Berserker

Other peoples work included in mod:
psiphoon (musket reload animation)
Checkmaty (few sound files)
Vornne (poll enhancements)
Papa Lazarou (pike bracing animations)
Iboltax ('Enhanced Male Faces')
Jedediah Q (face texture templates)














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YAY!!!! Thank you Slawomir!

So, will this mod get a single player version anytime soon?


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Revan Shan said:
Then, it looks as if TW based his version on this mod...
I have no idea what I'm talking about but...
Fire and Sword was originally a mod, then moved to become a expansion or game. There was also a fire and sword mod, which is this one, as you see.

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samipso said:
I think i will wait for with fire & sword. Appears to have better models.
Yeah, Ogniem i Mieczem "game" has for sure nice models. But thats all. Really. I know, because I already own it. It lies somewhere on my hard disc, forgotten. That "game" is nothing more than a pack of models just thrown into Warband. Every big mod on this forum has much more to offer in the way of changing gameplay.

But I guess that's only a matter of what someone wants and expects. If you want only nice item graphics, then buying the upcoming "game" will be a quite good decision. But if you expect some changes to gameplay or historical accuracy - the you'll be greatly disappointed. That "game" is more than a step behind Warband, because it doesn't even give you possibilites Warband did. I would call it a "Mount&Blade with (weak) multi support".

But enough talk on the "game" (in quotes, because it's really hard to call it that way). Let's get this topic back to the (free) mod.


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samipso said:
I think i will wait for with fire & sword. Appears to have better models.
I fail to see your logic in that since this is free, why wait when you can play something that is already released for free? (Already released as I'm assuming this will be released before fire and sword)

Slawomir of Aaarrghh said:
As I tought, an over glorified mod, then?


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I reckon Taleworlds is working on the game, and they havent disappointed me yet. Still, cool to see where it all began, I suppose.

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Sorry, but it's not Taleworlds. Their logo may be also on that "game", but it's not them that are developing it. It's some russian or ukrainian studio with "snow" in it's name, can't remember precisely... But it doesn't matter - it's just not Taleworlds.


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Mod looks great, but most importantly, the gameplay is fantastic. I recommend to all who want something new. This is probably the most advanced mod, you can sail boats, open / destroy the window, destroying a fence, build trenches, and a nice wooden shield / picket fence that you can push. And this is only part of the innovation