[M] Siege mod (beta 1.3 release)

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Requires Warband 1.113
Version:Beta1.3 (woo!)

Download from: http://www.mbrepository.com/file.php?id=1877

Siege night Sunday! 7pm GMT  Let's do this!

What it is:
If you are like me and are tired of all those vanilla castles from the last 10 months of beta but love siege, then this is for you!
Please remember I'm making this in my spare time and it's for everyone's enjoyment, if you feel something is off or you don't like it, discuss it.  Don't *****.

Changelog 1.3

- Fixed attackers respawning in defender spawns. (thankyou beaver)
- Rebalanced all weapons and armour (this is up for discussion)
- Added 2 new factions!
1. Arranthia - Rely on heavy shock troop tactics, slow and no archers but heavily armoured.  Heavy armour costs less but they still need to work hard to get the best gear.  Their only ranged troops are skirmishers.
2. Skaervaard Raiders - Agile and tough but minimal armour.  Their "accepted" archers are lethal and the raiders are known for their sheer brutality, pity they need to make it to their prey first.
(The new factions of course aren't final, just now they use native and models created for open source use.  If you would like to contribute to these factions or don't agree with something, post below!  I obviously haven't had much chance to extensively test them.)
- Fixed various map issues with existing maps. Added extra ladders to Saldutche, Eskside, high cliff, Willwall, ravenhill.  Also a 2nd gate to high cliff. (I know the gate mechanism is floating in high cliff for the 2nd gate, I'll sort this next version.)
- There are now offensive and defensive factions for each race.  I.e Swadia defence, Swadia offence.  Just now this is just so that attackers have cav and defenders don't but this will probably be expanded upon in future versions.
(sorry there aren't more maps this release, adding the factions was more time consuming than I would've liked!)
Any bugs comments etc, leave them here.  Please keep it as discussions/suggestions rather than whining.

I'm not claiming credit for any of these maps.  They were made by taleworlds and changed to fit siege and warband.
Version: Beta 1.3 (woo!)

Unzip the folder and put it into your C:\program files\Mount and Blade Warband\Modules\
directory.  Note your path may differ.

After that just select it from the drop down menu on the launcher.

The server to use will be CR_siegemod_xxxxx (x's being version)

For future versions:

New siege esque game modes: objectives, escape with the treasure
Interior maps as well as exterior.

Art Credits

dejawolf - models/textures - helms
spak - models/textures - shields/bow
talak - models/textures - various weapons/shields/helms
Narf - models/textures - platearmour/helms
Dain and Llew2 - models/textures - lotr items


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Castles that aren't:
castle 1
castle 2
castle 3
castle 4

To start with I just want to get some new maps out there to spice things up.  Features will be added when I have time.  Such as weather, new scene props, some weapon balancing to be siege specific.  Maybe add in some special rounds for rifle fights etc.  but just now.  It's just new maps.  Now this time I really am off to bed haha.


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Is this for multiplayer or singleplayer?

The title says S but the fact that there are siege nights say M.


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I am playing it right now (alone, with the bots) and I am playing don't know which map, but there is only one ladder.

There are no cavalry?


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Thank you for this mod! Great Work.
I got a little bored with the original 4 siege maps, i hoped for such a mod :smile:

But do i understand that right: you host the original CR_Siege_1113 Server? This is my favourite server to play, cause i usually play at late night, and this is usually the only european siege server, which is full at this time. But yesterday night i couldnt find him :sad:.

thanks for your effort with this mod!


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there were 3, he wasn't looking hard enough :wink: In there with him now if anyone wants to join in