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Greetings Community!
My name is DaMonkey, and I would like to reveal my mod, "Shot and Shell".

Shot and Shell is a Multiplayer only (for now) mod based in the early 1700s. I am not trying to create a historically accurate mod. Rather, I am aiming to produce a mod that provides a blend of ranged (in muskets and rifles) and melee combat (Pikes, swords, and bayonets). Please note, for those who have played the "Age of False Innocence" mod the models and textures look strikingly similar to those in this mod. This is because I am using items Shred gave out as placeholders until I produce models that are up to quality (and it's not at the top of my list, I would like to code the mod first). Also note that this mod is still in Alpha, and the final product can vary greatly.

- Great Britain
- France
- Hanover
- Prussia
- Saxony
- Austria
- Sweden
- Spain
- Portugal
- Russia

Unit Types:
- Regiment of Foot: Basic Infantry unit. Has average accuracy, and good melee stats.
- Regiment of Militia: Basic Infantry unit. Has good accuracy, and average melee.
- Regiment of Light Foot: Basic Infantry unit. Has exceptional accuracy, and below average melee.
- Regiment of Rifles: Basic Infantry unit. Has great accuracy, and bad melee.
- Regiment of Dragoons: Basic Cavalry unit. Has a quick horse, and is armed with a carbine.
- Regiment of Horse: Basic Cavalry unit. Has an average horse, with average health, and is decently armored.
- Regiment of Curaissers: Basic Cavalry unit. Has slow horse, with high health, and is heavily armored.
- Pikemen: Basic Infantry unit. Does not carry a firearm. Carries a pike and a sword, and makes for a great melee unit, given it gets close enough to the enemy.

Planned Features:
- The addition of: United States, Ottomon Empire, The Netherlands, and an Italian state (?)
- Implementation of a cannon system.
- Integrated admin tools
- New reload, Idle, and running animations
- New Sounds, courtesy of William Wilkins

Media: (Coming Momentarily)

Current (reserverd) Regiments:
- 16. Hannoveraner Dragoner: Hanoverian Dragoon regiment, led by DaMonkey
- 11te Hanoverian Hecht-Infanterie: Hanoverian Pike regiment, led by Krieg.
- Kalmar Regemente: Swedish Infantry regiment, led by Helland.
- 18th Irish Regiment of Foot: Irish Infantry regiment, fighting for Britain, led by Branok.
- 19th Royal American Regiment of Foot
- 18te Infanterie Regiment
- 7de Burgische
- 5ty Regiment Fizylierów
- 33rd Regiment
- 37. Tirolischer Jaeger Battalion Austrian Regiment
- 2 º Regimiento de Piqueros de la Reina Spanish Pike Regiment led by Tico
- 48:e Pansarbrigad kyrassiärer Swedish Cuirassier Regiment, led by Wind

The Team:
- damonkey - lead; coding; etc.
- Gunnar11/Holland - "Community Manager", he's pretty much the Mouth of Sauron, except instead of Sauron it's me.
- Fabio - Scene/Map Making
- DarthTaco - Modeling/Texturing
Note: If you have something to bring to the table, let me know. The mod desperately needs someone who can make decent models and textures, as I am awful at it.

Special Thanks To:
- Azrooh: I can't thank this guy enough. He is a genius coder. Without him, I wouldn't have a clue how to code. Props goes to him for taking the time out of his mod production to help me with bugs and helping me learn the ropes. In fact, you should check out his mod, which is soon to have a sexy Morale System, Secession.

-Shredzorz: Thanks go to him for releasing the AoFI source files to the public. I am currently using some textures and models as placeholders until I make some that are up to par.

And All the Testers: These guys helped the process along by increasing our bug finding ability 10 fold, and get the mod to a playable state for the public to test. In no particular order.
- Holland/Helland
- Krieg
- Fletcher
- Morman_Korman
- Duncan
- Branok
- Prussian
- Hugonaut
- Cody
- Erick Goyangi
- Magikhan, fireheart and the 10te Prussian Infanterie

Q&A and FAQ:
Q: Why aren't the Netherlands in?!?! aisodunijmad!23
A: They are being made for the next patch, each time someone asks about them- I both delay the patch and kick a puppy.

Q: I want this faction! Will you add it?
A: I plan on adding plenty of factions post-release. I will take suggestions after said release.

Q: Why are the muskets so inaccurate? I can't hit ****!
A: Yes, they are- cookie for you. Again, this is my mod- and I want to encourage as much melee as possible while keeping ranged as a slightly viable option.

Q: Why isn't this Uniform/Unit/Faction/Weapon historically accurate?!
A: I don't care about making a historically accurate mod, I just want to make a mod with muskets, bayonets and tricornes.

Final Word and Download Link:
Please keep in mind that this is a public alpha. There are bound to be bugs. If you find a bug, write it down and report it- don't continue to abuse a bug. Bugs should be reported in this thread, and suggestions are welcome in the thread- just be civil.

Also, please do not host any public servers. For the sake of alpha testing, I would like the community all in a single space. I, being the owner of MadMonkey servers, will host the North American Official server. If there is a reliable European hoster who can host an official 200 slot server PM me.

Shot and Shell v0.6.5 Full Here!
v0.6 Full - Base Download
v0.6.5 Patch - Patch You must have the base download, and then the patch.

Note: You may be wondering, "how did it go from 1.1 to 0.6?". Well. v1.1 was "v1.1 Beta", in which we made sure the server ran it smoothly, and that all the units spawned with everything they needed. Now we move on to "Full" release, which is when we will attempt to get as many people playing it as possible, and balance it accordingly. In addition, this stage before the final "v1.0 Full" will include importing new Uniforms in, more maps, more sounds, some new animations, and making specific units for factions to differentiate them.

If you already have Shot and Shell, just download the patch. If you do not have Shot and Shell yet, you must download the Base Download and then the patch.
Thanks you for your time,​


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* Reserved*

Screenshots will be added in a few hours. The site is refusing to take my screenshots.


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For those interested in having a "Regiment" in the mod, feel free to post a reply to reserve a regiment name and number.

William Wilkins

Sounds cool (:, my lads and I shall give it a try.

We would like to reserve. 19th Royal American regiment of foot. (colonials)


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Looking forward to this!

It looks very interesting, I really want to play this  :razz:.


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So by the sounds of it your going to try and cover the whole of the 18th century? well good luck I'll be watching too.



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It would be interesting if you can have say, three factions from 1710 and three of them from 1760/70 and give them both the ability to face each other in battle.



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SeanBeansShako said:
So by the sounds of it your going to try and cover the whole of the 18th century?
In a way. Im not going for a specific period, I am really just using the 1700s because they have sexy tricornes...  :grin:

And thanks everyone for your interest. About three hours until public alpha.
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