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Multiplayer Bonus

Hello, the mod is finally released. For Warband 1.13x
To install, just unrar the module and place it into Mount&Blade Warband/Modules/
Then select the mod agaerth in the introduction overlay to play the mod.

Download Link : (mbrepository)

The purpose of this mod is to extent radically the multiplayer content of the game to make it a better experience. It has not any historical purpose and, adding some factions to the game, my idea was only to create Warbandish ones. I.e. historically inspired factions but not realistic ones.

Please note that this mod has been created having LAN games in mind. This means some really basic things : some stuff, namely shield bash or firearms for instance, might be used abusively by stupid people on the internet. This mod is way more enjoyable if you know against whom you're playing.

Finally, please collect the bugs of the mod on this thread for me to correct them.

Features :

-> Better Banners (from Better Banners Mod by MarkQuinn)
-> Better Sounds (from More Metal Sounds Mod by Checkmaty)
-> Better Colors (from Realistic Colors Mod by Lucke189)
-> Some new animations (from Kengeki Mod by Yuias)
-> A shield bash (thanks to Arch3r, Sinisterius and xenoargh)

-> New maps :

Maps from Atlas Novus Mod (by Harmast and team) :

- Abandoned Fort
- Beacons
- Citadel
- Clearing
- Khergit City
- Nord Hill Fort
- Oasis
- Serpent Outpost
- Snowy Castle
- Steppe Siege
- Wercheg Cliff
- Woodland Thicket

Map from Otreum's map pack:

- Watch your step

Maps from Warband Campaign:

- Castrum
- Fourberie

Maps from Arena Overhaul Mod (by Adorno)

- Nine of the best Arenas (with corrected starting point to make them playable in multiplayer)

From the Hunt mod (by Yoshiboy)

- Forest Village

From the Full Invasion mod (by Arch3r)

- Most of invasion maps (credits to Freddex, Temuzu, Tercero and Kazzan)

Five new factions :

The Agaerth Clans

A scottish widely-inspired factions :
Credits to Yamabusi, creator of the excellent highlander models.
Credits to Brytenwalda team for their models.

Classes :

1. The Highlander

2. The Horseman

3. The Marksman

Yumeda Shogunate

A Japanese-inspired faction :
Credits to Yuias, creator of the Kengeki Mod, for models.

Classes :

1. The Yumi

2. The Ashigaru

3. The Yabusame

4. The Ninja

The Noghal Empire

An indo-persian inspired faction.
Models from OSP Eastern Armor Pack (Njunja et alii) and Indo-Persian OSP pack (dariel)

1. The Naffatun

2. The Ghulam

3 The Qizilbash

The Zhongzi Empire

Important : Not in the current release. (Waiting for proper authorizations)

A Chinese-inspired faction
Models from :
the tripartition mod
108 heroes
Han vs Hun mod
OSP Firearms

1. The Chukonu

2. The Changdao

3. The Keshik

4. The Arquebusier

The Iziaslav Tsardom

Important : Not in the current release (waiting for proper authorizations)

Russo-mongol inspired factions
Models from the Rus XIII Century (by the mod's team)

1. The Strelet

2. The Druzhina

3. The Kozak


I also included a bonus multiplayer mode in the game. It is called survival and its goal is for a little team of player to survive against growing waves of zombies. It is a bit like invasion in fact, except that it is based upon the Battle game mode and that every time the player team wins a round, the zombie team wins five more minions. Note that an ai zombie faction has been created for this purpose. However, if you want to resist against another army, you can. The gamemode is perpetually taking place at night with a deep mist.

To play the mode, select it (called survival) choose a faction for your team (team 1 compulsorily) and select an opponent (in team 2) then select a map and launch the game.


ToDo :

- Correct the bugs.
- Make sure the factions are balanced.
- Extend the boni.
- Create some Ai meshes for the Atlas Novus maps would be nice.
- Create Banners for the factions.
- Correct some bad-working vertex-animated meshes.
- Make the module less fat. A lot of unused textures remain.

Credits :

Better Banners by MarkQuinn OK
More Metal Sound by Checkmaty
Realistic Colors by Lucke189
Atlas Novus by Harmast OK
OTREUM's map pack by Otreum OK
Warband Campains
Arena Overhaul by Adorno OK
Hunt by Yoshiboy OK
Highlander Models
by Yamabusi OK
Brytenwalda OK
Kengeki by Yuias OK
OSP Indo-Persian armors, helmets and shields by dariel OK
OSP Eastern Armor by Njunja OK
Rus XIII Century
Han vs Hun mod
Tripartition and 108 Heroes mod
Full Invasion Mod OK


Lord Benrir

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You have both my two favourite nations within warfare represented here: Scotland and Japan! Yay! :mrgreen:
But will there be any chance of a public release in the near future?


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Any possibility of you releasing the full list of mods used, with the links to their respective threads?

Looks very nice :grin:

Lord Donar

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uhm can you fire the Chu-Ko-Nu rapidly just like in real? would be awesome

and nice factions and such.


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The mod is basically finished. Only some last bugs and some balancing are still needed but overall, it is working fine.
The Chukonu can fire four bolts  successively, as real ones. However, to compensate, chinese cannot have more than 12 bolts in their bags.


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'File temporarily not available'...
Hope you get it on mbrepository soon  :smile:


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Arg. Megaupload is no more what it used to be... I'll try another host for the time being.


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So will there be a server up anytime soon?

The name confused me a bit. The title is Multiplayer Bonus, but the mod is called Agaerth.  :smile:


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Yomgui said:
I chose to release the mod, even if I still lack some authorizations. However, note that every mod I used is duely credited and linked to. If some relevant people (people from mods that did not answer to my authorization's askings) think I should unrelease the mod because I did something wrong, I'll do it.
This is wrong way to do it.
You need all authorisations first, before you release other people's content .
Besides RusXIII guys work on their own MP mod, so I doubt they'll give you ok for using their armors.


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@GetAssista : Sorry, I forgot to mention it, and probably uploaded a wrong version by mistake. My goal was originally to release a version of the mod with only the authorized features. I will correct this and make it clearer asap. Note that I am not aiming at stealing anybody's job, but just to share with the community my mod (that it is to say my coding) because I felt it was sad to keep it for me and my close friends. The use of models from different mods is more wanted as an hommage, rather than a pillage. However, I still have a problem to communicate with the chinese community and would be pleased if someone could help me with this. Concerning the Rus XIII mod, I asked them many times and they never answered. I even offered them my help for their multiplayer mod. I will therefore upload a version of the module without Iziaslav and Zhongzi, for the moment.

@AdmiralNelson6262 : do you have a better name to suggest, I do not have any ideas.

@Adorno : I cannot run a server myself. However, I someone wants to do it, please proceed. Concerning the module mod, it was, at the beginning, called like that so kept it. Moreover, I heard there was restriction about caps and spaces in module names in order to make them smoothly playable in multiplayer. Is that right?


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This looks very good, but I kinda feel that you stole that new gametype from my mod :razz: I am actually happy that you did it if you did, because I wanted that gametype to be a real gametype :smile: